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Rid Your Stomach of Gas.I


Rid Your Stomach of Gas. PREVENT FOOD FERMENTATION BY TAKING MAGNESIA AFTER MEALS. To take drugs or artificial digest ants is surely a. foolish as well as a da-ngcvo-Lis plan when many of our most eminent physicians shave furnished ir- refutable proof ttioat practically lull forms of diges- tive and stomach trouble arise from acidity and consequent fermentation of the food contents. Pepsin, bismuth, and soda have little or no effect upon this harmful ¡ac.id; drugs and medicines aften deaden the nerves of the stomach, and thus tend to -aggravate the trouble, but pure bisurated magnesia has none of these serious drawbacks- it is just a harmless antacid and food corrective, which miay be taken at all times by both old and young. Physicians know this, and that is why they invariably advise sufferers from indigestion, dyspepsia-, lioattburn, flatulence, wind, etc., to ob- tain a little bisurated magnosia from the chemist, either in powder or tablet form, and take half &, teaspoonful of the powder or two tablets witdi little water 'after meals. This overcomes the root cause of all the troubl-e-neutralis.es the acid prevents the food fermenting, dispeJs wind, and enables the stomach and digestive organs to quickly regain the strength and tone needed to ensure perfect digestion, of the food. Readers wishing to try this excellent recipe will be glad to flemm that Messrs. Charles and Gwillim (late R. E. Charles), Medical Hall, Brecon; T. A. Golt- maii, BuMi Wells; and AV. W. Johnson, High Street, Lliandrimdod Weils, now have the genuine bisurated magnesia in stock. A large bottle of the powder form can be obtained for 3/ while the compressed tablets costs 1/3 and 2/6 per flask. Every package is accompanied by a, binding gua.r- antee of satisfaction or money back, and the pur- chase price is instantly refunded in full in cases where bisurated magnesia fails to produce the re- sults anticipated. )

-  ! Singular Uandovery Case.I


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Serious -Charge. I


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