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I Farmers and Food.


I Farmers and Food. I MEETING AT BUILTH WELLS. p-, EPEXDEXCE. ON THE PLOUGH. timer i-ne auspices oi ine nreconsture war !5 ,r: .j,- ture Committee, a well represented co of farmers was held at Builth Wells o*>- -vIo..u<t.v. The chair was occupied by Mr H. EVfI iloma.s, and the speakers were Messrs. Owen Price vA'antvrharn), W. S. Miller (Foreefc Lodge), and Walter Williams (Brecon). The chairman in his opening remarks pointed out the great necessity of increasing tin1 food production, as the supply in this country at present was the lowest on re- cord. Mr Owen Price advocated ploughing up fresh land suit- -able for corn growing, but not to break up good pasture, stating that at present this country only produced about one-fifth of the food required. He asked them to in- crease th eacreage in cultivation from five to ten per cent. It was his sincere hope that they would do as much as possible. When referring to the labour ques- tion he observed that there was a scarcity of labour on the land before the war, and on account of the great demand for men for the Army, there was a shortage of labour in many places. Mr Price went on to explain the work of the various tribunals, remarking that the members knew the requirements of the various district-. Mr Thomas Davies r By whom was the County Tribunal of Radnorshire appointed'/ Mr Owen Price I am only dealing with Breconshire. In his opinion Breconshire had tried to be reasonable, hut he.did not wish to say that they had been perfect. (Applause). Mr W. S. 3filler said he was delighted to set o many present to discuss such an important question. They had not come there that afternoon to dictate to them what they would have to do, as the farmers were the best judges of what could be done on their own farms. He appealed to them at present not to tbink of the profit, but.to think of the need of the nation. With the same bravery and coolness that the men at the front faced the enemies, so those who were left at home would face any difficulty which they would be called upon to face. He asked them to take upon their shoulders the great responsibility which awaited them, and to throw themselves into the work, for, they could depend on good results. He appealed to their spirit- of patriotism and asked for their sacrifice* at present. Mr Walter Williams spoke of the question Of in- creasing the food supply as one of life and death to this country. Wheat was the urgent necessity he said. but some districts were more suitable for oats, therefore oats could be used for food for man and beast. They were called upon to work in the national interest at present, and they should do that with the same spirit as was, displayed by the men at the front. The speaker pointed out the great decrease which had taken place in the acreage under cultivation in Breconshire during the past 40 years. The hope of England to-day. he said, was in the plough, and England expected that every man that day would do his duty. Mr David Thomas next spoke, and observed during the past 30 years Radnorshire had kept to the cultiva- tion of the land better than Breconshire, and pointed out that the Government were going to send Army men to the two counties to supplement labour and not ae substitutes. On the motion of the chairman, seconded by Mr C. W. Woosnam, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the speakers. Mr David "ftomas proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman, and to those who assisted in the organisation of the meeting, and this was ably seconded by Mr Thomas Davies (Vronolau). and heartily accorded.

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