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Brecon and Radnor Lighting.…


IWelsh Troops Flag Day I


Cray F-liteddt)ti

Breconshire Constable.I

1870 and Now.I


Overwork and Worry Drive a…


Overwork and Worry Drive a I Hard Bargian. [ It doesm pay to defy nature's laws. We all need peace of mind, rest, outdoor exercise and eiglit hours sleep to keep well. We must not overeat, nor drink much, unless it be milk or water. These are both good and should be i'reely used. Anything bad leads to trouble. Bad habits are no exception. Careless living and overeating are among the worst-they help load the blood with Uric Acid poisons. The kidneys act as safety valves, filtering the blood and passing off the poisons, but they are bound to weaken under any Jong continued strain, lailld once they falter, vou feel dull, tired and nervous. Your back aches, you lose weight, you have headaches, dizzy spells and urinary disorders. The first thing to do is to get back to simple, sensible habits. Eat less, FIeep more and be care- ful what you drink. But you must also help the weakened kidneys. You can rely on Doan's Backache Kidney Pills for this help. They are a special medicine for the kidneys and bladder only. That is why so many in Brecon recom- mend Doan's. All dea, or 2 9 a box, from Foster McClellan Co., 8, If ell* Street, Oxford Street, London, W. I — —

A Sad Case. I

I Farmers and Food.

IErwood Competitions.

Alien's Deportation

I f Llanyworn Funeral-

. Notes and Notions.

-I Fell on the Fire. I

T, e War and our Food SuppliesI

Our Food Supply.

Fire at Hay. ]

Llanwrtyd Wells Council. I

Distinguished Borderer.I