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Brecon and Radnor Lighting.…


IWelsh Troops Flag Day I


Cray F-liteddt)ti

Breconshire Constable.I

1870 and Now.I


1870 and Now. I FARMERS AND THEIR ASSESSMENTS. I A number of interesting appeals against the revalu- ation of land in the Penderyn and Vaynor parishes of the Merthyr Union were heard at a meeting of the local Assessment Committee on Saturday, the Rec- tor of Dowlais (the Rev. Ll. M. Williams) presiding. Mr. Thos. Evans, Blaenglaes Farm, Vaynor, appeal- ing against an increase in the rateable value of his two holdings of £ 16, pleaded that his rent was only t30 per annum. The Chairman The committee don't always follow the rent.. Applicant: Well, is this a stepping-stone for the landlord to raise his rent r He added that the land was not worth more than 10s. per acre, and one-half of it was heather and peat. Mr T. T. Jenkins (a member of the committee) Is there any grouse there The Chairman Yes but he would not live long on the grouse that he could get there. (Laughter.) Applicant further stated that he could not grow corn on his land, as it would not ripen there. At the time of the Franco-Prussian war they only had to pay 2s.6d. per head for "tacking" in the winter now it was 7s. per head. The assessment was confirmed. Mr William Evans appealed against an increased rateable value of £35 10s in respect of Bodwigaid, Nantmoel Uchaf and Nantyderi. Of 1,300 acres, he said, 1,100 was mountain land. Scores of acres of it he would not pay 3d for, and 50 acres were not worth Id per acre in fact, it was of no value. The assessment was confirmed, subject to adjust- ment with regard to a portion of the land taken over for the waterworks undertakings.


Overwork and Worry Drive a…

A Sad Case. I

I Farmers and Food.

IErwood Competitions.

Alien's Deportation

I f Llanyworn Funeral-

. Notes and Notions.

-I Fell on the Fire. I

T, e War and our Food SuppliesI

Our Food Supply.

Fire at Hay. ]

Llanwrtyd Wells Council. I

Distinguished Borderer.I