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PEARL ASSURANCE Company, Ltd., HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. — ♦ Summary of ANNUAL REPORT for the Year ending December 31st, 1916. 4 -.—— < In presenting the Fifty-Third Annual P-eporb and Statement of Accounts, the Directors, have ag.a,in to call attention to the exceptional conditions which have prevailed during the pa-st year owing to prolongation of the wOO". During the year claims to the extent of X152,453 58 7d have been paid on the lives of 9,960 of OUT policyholders reported killed in the w. This brings the total amount so paid up to the present date to £ 243,343 4s 6d. The great majority of these policies were issued prior to the ourtbreak of war, and in all such cases the sum assured has been paid in full, and without any charge for extra premium. The practice has been continued of providmg substsnksa nnancM assistance to the great body of the Staff who have been called to the colours. Owing to the urgent need the number has greatly increased and is now upwards of 7,000 men. The Directors' aim hia« been to do al that w-as possible patriotically to assist the Government- latnd to this end the Company's holding in the War Loan Securities has been increased to 21,457,193 and has been considerably added to since the close of the Accounts. INCOME.—The Total Premium Income for the year amounted to £ 3,564,843 2s 6d., an increase of 2269,763 over that of the previous year. In the Ordinary Branch, the Premium Income am. ntod to 9684,350 Is. 4d., which is 249,188 Is. 6d. greater than that of the previous year. The nuui her of Policies issued during the year in this Branch was 24,523, assuring the sum of RI,813,962, and producing a New Annual Prem- ium Income of X88,412 14s. lid. 2,980 Personal Accident JaIDd Employers' Liability Policies were granted during the year, repre- senting iCS,104 Os. Id. New Annual Premium Income, the Premiums received in this Brand) amounted to S32,004 19s. 5d. The total Income far the year amounted to £ 3,925,927 4s. 3d. being an increase of 2298,876 Os. 7d. over that of the previous year. CLAIMS.—The Life Claims, Grants, Matured Endowments, Accident and Employers' Liability Claims numbered 187,366 during the year, amounting with Bonuses and outstanding Claims, to XI,612,939 12s. 9d., which, added to the sums previously paid, make a total of AIO,590,865 13s. 6d. FUNDS.—The Total Funds now amount to Xll,564,971 15s 5d, which is an increase of £1,OO5,06113s. 7d over those of last year. By Order, F. D. BOWLES, Chairman. Wanted additioniaJ representatives in all districts. To good business men liberal terms and pertain suocesi;. -Apply to the District Snpenntendent-O. EVANS, Gower House, Bulwark, fjrecon lalso to Sub-Superintendent JONES, 5, Dole Road, Lilandrindod Wells. br602/238 COAL PRICES. Aøk the Breconshire Agents their prices for best Ooals before ordering. Avoid exorbitant prices and get your supplies direct from f THE BRECONSHIRE COALI & LIME ¡Co. LTD., BRECON. Truck loads any Station. I ALL CLASSES of printing can be done at the "Ex- .A press" Office. No job too big, no job too small, The only Linotype ^Machine In the county, for setting programmes, catalogues, etc. Ask as to quote when you want aaytmng cheap. ) 1916-1917. PLANTING SEASON. AUTUMN.—Commence lifting First weekl in October, keeping on until the end of March, 1917. Larch lift. to 2ft, and 2l to 3ift. Scotch Fir, It to 2ft. Spruce Fir, 1 i to 2ft. Austhian Pine, li to 2ft. Quick Thorn, li to 2ft. and 2 to 3ft. Prices upon application per 1000. Ornamental Shrubs and Hoses of all kinds. Fruit Trees of all the leading kinds. Contract planting at per acre. f APPLY To DANIEL WEATHERLEY, Caeau Nurseries, Nr. Builth Wells, b r l 2 0 2 1 6 Breconshire. i br120/2I6 MOURNING & WEDDING CARDS & STATIONERY I —A speciality at the "Express" Omces, Brecon. ELECTRIC THEATRE, Brecon. PEOPBIETOBS R. W. PHILLIPS & SONS. STAR PICTURE FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY- a, GRAND "IDEAL" PICTURE PLAY, p— — Transatlantic. 4 Parts. A Fascinating Drama of crime The EVIl Eye. committed under hypnotic influence,and of the clever way in which the truth was unravelled. STAR PICTURES FOR NEXT WEEK.-MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, William Fox presents the distinguished Dra- mrrn rrr ¥ r r n £ TlTnTATTA* matic Actor, Edmund Breeze, and a notable '.THE WALLS of JERICHV cast in Alfred Sutro'sBriIHant Satirical Play AU1J UI11JljU OU1 l iWl UK1it UII UtUriVll FOUR REELS, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY.- The Battle of the Ancre & Advance of the Tanks. Official Pictures of the British Army in France, presented by the War Office Cinematograph Committee. 5 REELS. SPECIAL NOTICE.—For this special Film note times of Performances. Thursday—2 Performances 6-0 and 8-0. Friday-Matineelat 2-0, 6-0 and 8-0. Saturday-Matinee at 2, and continues till 10-0. PRICES, 4d., 7d., lid. and 1/2, including Tax. Matinee at 2-30 on Saturdays, Id. No Adults Admitted. SWANSEA'S Spring Show of Fashions. BEN. EVANS & CO. WILL MAKE THEIR FIRST SHOW OF FASHIONABLE SPRING GOODS TUESDAY, MARCH 13th, 1917, FOLLOWING DAYS, WHEN THEY WILL DISPLAY THE Latest Creations In COAT FROCKS, DAINTY HOUSE FROCKS, COATS, COATS and SKIRTS, SPORTS' COATS, BLOUSES In the Latest Colourings, including Putty, Wine. Joffre, Nigger Brown, Bottle Creen, Ac. CHOICE MILLXIsTERY. Including the New Russian Toques, Lisere Straws, and the New Jade Shade. Large Selection of the Fashionable Embroidered Veils. LINGERIE IN ALL GRADES, SILK, LACE AND FEATHER NECK-WEAR, Real Novelties in Style, accompanied with Economy in Price. Splendid Selections of New Dress Fabrics, In Cottou, Wool and Silk. Patterns Post Free on Request. New Goods will be shown in each of the 36 Departments. M?.. BEN. EVANS & Co., Ltd., Swansea.  Evans,,Sw ns BEN. EVANS & Co., Ltd., ansea. 101õ,Central lÄN pACIFIC i THE EMPIRE'S GREATEST RAILWAY. I Palatial Modem Steamers on the Atlantic and I Pacific (Managers and Agents: Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Ltd.) linking Canada with Europe and with Asia. Fast Freight Services from Europe to the rich markets of the New World. Ship your goods via Canadian Pacific. Through tickets at lowest rates to all districts in CANADA, UNITED STATES, JAPAN, MANILA, CHINA. NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, AND ROUND THE WORLD. Parcels by DOMINION EXPRESS to Canada and U.S.A. Apply CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, 18, St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol, or Local Agents everywhere. Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Ltd. MANAGERS AND AGENTS. ALLAN LINKS I te CANADIAN PACIFIC HMES. Fast Fleets of Passenger and Cargo Steamers on the Atlantic and the Pacific, linking Canada with Europe I and Asia. Excellent accommodation. Moderate Fares. LIVERPOOL TO ST. JOHN, N.B. Weekly Mail Service of Magnificent New Steamers. GLASGOW TO ST. JOHN, N.B., AND BOSTON, U.S.A. Regular Services of Passenger and Cargo Steamers. I LONDON TO ST. oIOHN, N.B. (Cargo only). Regular Service of Steamers. i BRISTOL TO ST. JOHN, N.B. (Cargo only). I Cargo Steamers at frequent intervals. To oIAPAN-MANILA-CHINA (Prom Vancouver). Weekly Service. Largest Steamers on the Pacific. For list of sailing, rates, etc., apply- CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES, Ltd., 8, Waterloo Place, London, 8.W.; I 18, St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol; Royal Liner Build- Ing. Liverpool. ALLAN BROS. & CO., U. K., Ltd. (Traffic Agents), James Street,' Liverpool. I or Local Agents everywhere. A. QUARRELL, F.R.H.S„ 3 & 4, High Street. The Oldest Established Seedsman in Brecon. NEW GARDEN SEEDS AND SEED POTATOES. QUALITY—THE BEST at lowest possible prices. SEED LIST ON APPLICATION. Floral Wreaths & Crosses at Shortest Notice. b67/233 V FjJo,nes' Hotel )j r(Establi-ghed over 100 Years ) ™ ADJOINING TRAFALGAR SQUARE, Suffolk St., Pall Mall, London Telephone No 7314 Gerrard. Telegraphic Address: Pleasant, London. m BED. BREAKFAST. BATH, and 5/t- H ATTENDANCE from  Proprietor: H. R. JONES. B ? —————' T  t