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New Pensions & Allowances.

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New Pensions & Allowances. MILLIONS MORE A YEAR FOR DISABLED MEN. THE TOTAL COST. An improved scale of pensions for disabled sailors and soldiers and for the widows, children and other de- pendants was recently announced. These have been embodied in a Royal Warrant, the draft of which was issued last week. It comes into force on April 1st. Persona whose -claims to pensions or gratuities have been dealt with under previous war- rants may, if the terms of the present one are more beneficial to them, come under it retrospectively. The warrant provided that the soldier should receive a. minimum pension, according to his rank and degree of disablement, with allowances to hi& children. If this pension is insufficient to enable him to live ap- proximately according to his previous standard, he may be given an alternative pension based on his pre-war earnings, but not exceeding £3 15s a week. Generally the pension to a widow will be half that which, with children's allowances, would have been awarded to her husband if alive and totally disabled. An inducement is offered to widows to train for em- ployment. Temporary pensions are provided for un- married wives, and provision is made for the support -of motherless and illegitimate children. Parents, are to be assisted by pensions within the limits of pre- war dependent, e Maximum Cost. The a.?tuTi? tLport by Sir Alfred W. W&tson, F.I.A., upon the finance of the scheme estimates that the I maximum annual charge, to arise in 1918-19 (or the fol- I lowing year should the war be prolonged), will be £ 25,000,000, made up a.s foB<)ws_: £ I Disabled men 14,100,000 Widows and orphan. 8,200,000 Other dept:ndants. 2,700,000 1 He estimates that in the next year the charge will be reduced to il-3,000,000, and that in future years the cost will gradually diminish, as pensions terminate by death and by re-marriage of widows and as children pass beyond the age limits. The est.imated capital value of the liability on a 4 per cent. basis Ofree of income-tax) is- Db ablffi mn. 225,000,000 Widows and orphans 121,000,000 Other dependents. 50,000,000 I £ 396,000,000 1 This is the sum which, being invested at the present time, would suffice with its interest to meet the charges as from the beginning of the war and would be exhausted with the payment of the last pension. It is estimated, very approximately, that the new represent an increase of liability over that of the present system of M,500,000 a. year at the maximum, or an additional capital value of E130,000,000


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