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I FARMERS' COLUMN. I .6 At Erwood market, on Thursday, quotations were as followEggs, 6 for 1/ butter, 1/10 per lb.; chickens, 1/4; and rabbits, 1/4 and 1/5 each. Only 26 fat beasts were on offer in Builth Cattle Market on the 19th ult. These were chiefly bulls, which made good prices. Hates at Talgarth market, on Friday, were :-Eggs, 4 and 5 for 1/ butter, 1/10 per lb.; trussed-fowls, 1/4 to 1/6; rabbits, 1/5 and 1/6 each: and apples, 2d per lb. Llandovery market, on the 20th ult., was characterised with weaker dernandand prices declined somewhat. Fifty fat cuttle were onotfer, sheep maintained their price and pork pigs were 6d per stone dearer. There was a large supply of produce at Presteign mar- ket on Wednesday. Rates were :-Eggs, 4 and 5 for 1/ butter, 1/9 and 1/10 per lb., fowls, 5/- to 6/- per Couple; chickens, 6/- to 7/6; rabbits, 1/5 each; hares, 4/ and pheasants, 6/- to 7/- per brace, Good attendance and average business characterised Knighton market on Thursday. Prices obtained were: — Eggs, 4 and 5 for ]/ butter, 1/10 and 1/11 per lb.: fowls, 5/- to tJ/ per couple; chickens, 5/6 to 8/ rab- bits. 2/10 to 3/ and hares, 3/to 4/ Hay produce market, on Thursday, was attended by a large supply and brisk demand. Rates were:—But. t-er, 1/10 to 2/- per lb.; eggs, 5 for 1/ chickens, 1/3 per lb.; fowls, 6/- to 6/6 per couple; rabbits, 1/5 and 1/0 each; hares, to 4/ apples, 21<1 per lh.; and potatoes, 10/- per cwt. Rhayader market rates, on M wlnesday, were:—Eggs, 4 and 5 for If-; fre,h butter, 1/9 and 1/10 per it).; bacon (hams), J/1 per b.; bacon (sides), 1/ whole pigs, 1/1 to 1/2 per lb. live-fowls, 5/6 to 6/- per couple: trussed ditto, 6/- to 7/6; pheasants, 6/- to 7/ par- tridges, 6/- per brace; woodcock, 2/- to 2/6 each; hares, 3/6 to 4/6; rabbits, 1/4 and 1/5 each. Mr F. G. How is (bailitl of Brecon and Radnor Asylum Home Farm) has been appointed chief farm-bailiff at Moneyhill Colony, Birmingham, out of over 200 appli- cants and a short list of 5. Mr Howis was appointed bailiff of the Home Farm at Talgarth Asylum nearly 15 years ago, had always taken keen interest in the wel- fare of Talgarth, and was one of the principal movers in the formation of the Talgarth Agricultural Society. A moderate supply of stock met a brisk demand at the old-established Cwmdauddwr Feast Fair at Rhayader on Wednesday. Prices were well maintained. Quota- tIOII,; :-Cows with calves, R25 to ;f30, one lot making £ 35; barren cows, £ 18 to £ 24: barren heifers, £ 16 to £ 20; two-year-old bullocks, L22 to £ 26; yearling ditto, £ 12 to £ 18; yearling heifers, tIO to £ 14; bulls 66. per cwt.; beef, Is to 1/2 per lb.; sheep (short supply), sell- ing at somewhat reduced prices; Welsh mutton, 1 to 1/2 per lb.; cart pigs (eight weeks store), selling at 35/. apiece; ten weeks ditto, L-2; bacon, 10d to 1/ Mdrs 'h ■ ■ to 1/1; hams, 1/2 per lb. The horse trade showed an improvement. Eggs were 6 for 1/ fresh butter, 1/9 to 2/- per lb.; live poultry, 5/- to 6/ trus- sed ditto, 6/- to < per couple; rabbits, 2/2 to 2/6 per couple; and hares, 31- to 4/- each. "The most satisfactory feature about Mr Llovd (i-eorge's new proposals regarding agrieulturc," says the "South Wales Daily News," "is that they promise a sub- stantial rise in the" wages of Welsh farm labourers. The farmers will receive valuable concessions, but in return they must "pay their labourers not less than 25/- a week. At present, outside Glamorgan, there are few labourers on Welsh farms getting £1 a week. Oflicial statistics are not up to date, but on the occasion of the last Hoard of Trade inquiry the average earnings (inclusive of cottage and other allowances) -were. Glamorganshire, 19/3; Brecon-shire, 18/9: Carmarthen- shire, 18/1; Pembrokesftire, 17/3: Radnorshire, 16/8; and Cardiganshire, 16/6. In several districts wages have lweii slightlv increased on account of the higher cost of living, hut there are still many labourers who are re- ceiving much less than a living wage. To this class the promise of a guaranteed minimum of 25/- a week after years of fruitless agitation will seem almost incredible. But it is a. promise that must be fulfilled. If farmers are to have guaranteed prices they must pay better wage. to their men."

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