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^™—— How can t V I §^t my ?3MUri ?  f N —IT??t < ? ?t\??t?i ?? ???? l)aSt ) M ? Plough1n finished ? } ??t? ? ? T?? ?o?age of labour ia creating a serious situation to the farmer, which is all the more ? ? ?? ?? exa<perahng as the prospects of a promising ) ? ?FB Tarket for the yield are so bright. The ? ? ?? .F t 'ituation cannot be handled with horses. It can be handled with the Overtime ? ? Tractor, which draws a 4-furrow plough, covering eight to ten acres per day at a cost of less than 121- for paraffin. The Overtime Tractor also pulls Harrows, Cultivators, Mowers, Two Binders, etc., and will pull and operate the largest Thresher and Elevator. Call and see it at our showrooms, or write for name of neighbouring user. For further particulars apply to- RICH^SONS, MotohJEngineers, Tel. 23. BRECON. TeL: p. O 16. TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES. Smart Cut. Beautifully Finished. ? ? ??' ?- Moderate Prices. Fit Guaranteed. Only Expert Workmen Kept. WRITE OR CALL FOR PATTERNS & PRICES. MORGAN & LEWIS, Tailors, BRECON. Professor Joseph JonM, M.A.. B.D. (Brecone an interesting 100ture on "ToKtoy" 115= ?l=. &t :,2 iTi:adou Congregational Ch?pet .Pwoeeed. tMt week. LOANS £ *1 A TA i? 1A A LENT on note of hand to d?-LU 1U d?±UU Tradesmen, Flr-Ol Business men, and others, worthy of credit, with or without sureties or securities. (Business completed immediately without any delay). Repayments arranged to suit applicants' convenience. ?100 TO ?1000 AD.^NcpE«?«.S eS; able persons to buy the houses they occupy or other property. Loans also made upon property already in pos- session of applicants, existing mortgages paid off and more money advanced if required. Interest from 41 to 5 per cent. per annum, on all mortgages.— Appl-J. L. CUNNINGHAM. 19, Glebeland Street, bM7 Tel. 70. Merthyr Tydfil. ) NO PRELIMINARY FEES. j^JONEY LENT pRIVATELY In large or small Sums (not less than £10), ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. ESTABLISHED 47 YEARS, And now Lending UPWARDS OF XSO,000 ANNUALLY. Prospectuses, Terms for Advances, or any information desired, will be supplied, freo of charge, on application either personally or by letter to QJEORGE pAYNE & SONS, &e 17. KING STREET, HEREFORD; or | 5, TOWN WALLS, SHREWSBURY. I Established 1870. g Loans by Post. BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU BORROW. I lend money on the following terms -210 Loan repay X12 for 12 months. £ 50 Loan repay X60 for 12 months. Other amounts in proportion. Special terms to Farmers. Write in strict confidence to the actual lender, A. D. DENNY, 5 & 7, PALL MALL, MANCHESTER. IS IF MONEY? If so, you can do GET IT from an old established no better than and reliable office. Don't waste time applying to agents and others offering impossible terms, and who have no money to lend. £10 to £ 1,000. Urgent loans completed same day. No fees, sureties or 'fines. If desired Bank Notes posted anywhere. Your written promise obtains cash. CHARLES STEYENS, Ltd. (Tel. 467), Hayes Buildings, CARDIFF. b520j236


IBucknell Lady's Death.

Knighton War Savings. I

Howey Entertainment.I

I Sheep Worrying,



I War Loan.

I Newbridge-on-Wye Wedding.I

I Presteign Fireman. I

Killed in Action, I


Radnorshire Appeals.


Rhayader Parish Meeting.


Radnorshire Appeals.