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CYCLING. Secondhand Swindles. At this time of the year it is necessary to warn the public against a peculiarly dangerous form of swindle which usually becomes rampant with the spring. I re- fer to the gentleman who offers a bicycle practically new, but alleged to be second-hand, for some specious reason. The most popular form to-day is that a friend of his has been "called up" or "joined the army" how- ever he cares to phrase it. It may be news to many that there is quite a trade carried on in these bogus second-hand bicycles. They are made and sold to the advertiser at round about t2 each. Offered at about jM they show a very handsome profit. The tyreis are usually muddied a little tc give the bicycle the appear- ance of a second-hand, and if you should remark on the new appearance you will usually be told that the mysterious late owner was "very particular about his machine." Or else that he had just bought it before being called up. One man who advertises largely has already spent one term in gaol but this has not prevent- ed him carrying on the business in the way which keeps him just within the law. Sometimes he offers to send the machine on approval, on receipt of cash, but if you don't approve you will find it a matter of extreme dif- ficulty to get your money back. Sometimes he even sends the bicycle on approval relying upon the novice's inability to tell a good bicycle from a bad one, to com- plete the sale. Now to Avoid the Swindler. There are one or two hints which 'will easily enable my readers to detect these swindlers from the genuine advertisers of second-hands. In the first place, if you see an advertisement running week after week from the same address you may quite safely conclude that it is not a genuine second-hand advertisement. If you or I have a bicycle to sell we don't go on spending pounds on it. Next, be very wary of the advertise- ment from an address some distance away. The gen- uine second-hand seller advertises in his own local paper, where people can come to see the machine. Thirdly, if you have had no experience of a bicycle, never think of buying without submitting the machine to the criticism of an experienced friend. Fourthly, be- ware of the individual who is going abroad, or who has just bought a car, or who has joined the army. The king of all these swindlers adopts all these disguises and so successfully as to make an excellent living out of his dupes—who are paying him between t4 and £51 for £ 2's of gimcrack rubbish.




Y stradgynlais Appeal Fails.