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Notes and Notions. 4

Farmers and the War.


Builth Rural Tribunal. I

IMr. Sidney Robinson, W.P.

IRural District Council.I

I National Service

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Interesting Hay Wedding.

IBrecon Rural Tribunal. I

ITalgarth Boy. ___I

I Builth Wells Tribunal.I


'Builth's Council.


Builth's Council. ARRANGEMENTS FOR GARDEN PLOTS. THE "SEASON" AND RAILWAY FARES. Mr Gilbert Eadie (chairman) presided at the month! v meeting of Builth Well ? Urban District Council on Thursday. Others present were Messrs. H. T Price John Duggan, J. R. Worthingto&, E. S. Davies, W. W. Lennard (deputy clerk), and Telfer Smith (surveyor). Dr. Black Jones (medical officer) also attended. The deputy clerk reported that an inspector from the Labour Exchange, Cardiff, had called upon him with re- gard to the working of the National Service Scheme and had made arrangements for committee rooms at the social club. He had also secured the promise of clerical help. The chairman said he was under the impression that Builth could not spare many more. There was a meet- ing to be held at Brecon the following dav and he and the deputy-clerk hoped to attend. Mr H. T. Price thought the scheme in Breconshire would have to be worked by the County Council, and not by the Urban and Rural Councils. The chairman endorsed this view. A letter was read relative to the suggestion of the Government to take over the control of the Welsh Uni- versities, and the Council supported a resolution, resolv- mg against any alteration in the present management Th-1 deputy clerk reported he had received two ap- plications for permission to erect pig stTfS. The chairman said he, with Dr. Black Jones and Mr H. T. Price, had visited the site suggested for tile erect- ion of a pig-stye for Mrs Pritchard and believed that satisfactory arrangements would be made for its erect- ion. The council decided to inspect the proposed sit-e at Ma Id wv n on Saturday. The chairman reported that Mr H. T, Price a.nd him- self had approached Mr Hawkins with a view to secur- ing land for garden plots and the latter was prepared to let the land in question, manured and ploughed, at 4C5 per acre. It would be necessary to have a gate at the bottom of the field, and. also, to fence the portion which would be allotted for that purpose, providing all the field was not required. Since then other land had been suggested, and he understood the applicants were anx- ious to have land nearer the town than at Llanelwedd. Now. the council had definite powers to acquire land for the purpose of allotments. Air Duggan said he had had a conversation with Mr Hawkins. and if the land were only required for 12 months it would not be necessary to fence it in. The chairman asked Mr R. Williams (secretary of the Builth Wells Allotment Society) for information about the society. Mr R. Williams said the society was very anxious to get the land for a longer period than 12 months, if pos- sible, at a reasonable price. Now. the council had powers to acquire land which was not producing up to its full productive power. Mr H. T. Price considered there was no land in the neighbourhood of Builth that did not produce all that it, could be expected to yield. Mr R. Williams, continuing, said there was sure to be some land in the district of Builth suitable for garden plots. The object of the members of the society was to increase the food produce and if they took over land, un- der cultivation, they wollid be defeating the object they had in view. The matter of price should be decided by representatives of the Board of Agriculture, and he was sure every member of the society would agree to that price. Mr T. R. Worthington asked if -an application had been made to Mr Wenham for the field near Irfon Bridge? The chairman said the field in question had been men- tioned. and he understood the Vicar did not feel pre. pared to give land for that purpose. The land at pres- L'nt was in the occupation of Mr E. s. Davies. Mr E. S. Davies observed the land was in his occupa- tion and. the two fields were to be ploughed up next Wednesday as he had arranged for nine teams for that day. The land belonged to the Vicar, who was not prepared to let it for garden-plots, and the Vicar had said that Major ftarcourt Wood and others had more land in the neighbourhood than he had. and those who wanted land should get it elsewhere. He had promised the tribunal he would plough up seven acres of land and he would do so. He had not yet received the con- sent of the Vicar to plough the land, but the agent was communicating with him. The council appointed the chairman and Mr H. T. Price (representatives of the council) and Mr Rees Thomas. B.A., and Mr R. Williams (representatives of the Allotment Society) to interview the owners of cer- tain ploi s of land. giving them power also to make ar- rangements to take over any suitable ground for garden Dlots. The medical officer reported that the health of the t.own was satisfactory and that he had no cases to re- port. The surveyor said the recent frost had damaged the water-pipes in several places and their men had been very busy putting them in order. The water supply at Llanelwedd became defective owing to the frost and he sent water over there with the water cart. Water was available at Llanelwedd that day. Mr Duggan pointed out the importance of petitioning the Government for a reduction in the railway fares, as the sueces's of the coming visiting season depended entirely on that. The council were of opinion the mat- ter wa's of importance to the town and decided to dis- cuss the question at greater length later on.


Potatoe Growing

|Farmers and Labour. I

I Brecon Tribunal.