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Notes and Notions. 4

Farmers and the War.


Builth Rural Tribunal. I

IMr. Sidney Robinson, W.P.

IRural District Council.I


Rural District Council. SURVEYORS AND WAR BONUS. THE STATE OF THE ROADS. Mr Owen Price (chairman) presided over the meeting of the Brecon Rural Council on Friday. The highway surveyors having made an application for a war bonus, the Finance Committee had considered the matter, and resolved to recommend that the two officials be given XII each per annum for the duration of the war. Mr Jenkin Williams moved and Mr Mitchell- seconded the adoption of the report. Mr John Smith moved the rejection of the report, on the ground that the amount granted was excessive. He admitted the fact of the extra cost of living, but he re- minded the committee that there was also reduced lab- our and consequent less supervision. While he was will- ing to agree to a bonus being paid, he considered that lull per annum was an excessive amount. He moved that the committee re-consider the matter. Mr 1)1. Phillips seconded. Upon being put, 11 voted for Mr Smith's amendment and 7 for the report. The report was accordingly re- ferred back. I Housing After the War. A circular was read from the South Wales Housing and Town Planning Association asking the council to appoint delegates to attend, a conference relating to housing matters after the war. Mr J. Smith thought .the matter was worth taking heed of. They knew that arrangements for housing. &c., would be badly wanted after the war, and possibly the Government might step in, as some thought it rather too early to launch a scheme, and it was well they should give their views on the matter. Mr Jenkin Williams said they had taken the matter up already, and the Sanitary Committee were doing good work. He did not believe they could do any more. It was not a question of not knowing what to do, but of doing it or how to do it. Rev. T. Griffiths: I think at the end of the war there will he a shortage of money and we shall not he able to build, and we shall have to study economy to the verv hilt. Mr J. Smith: We should not study econo ey at t.u- expense of poverty. The council decided to take no action at present. Mr .T. F. Ricketts remarking that it was a case of "wait and see." Roads and Timber Hauling. I The chairman said that most of the members were aware that the roads were in a desperate, condition and something would have to be done. There were roads in the parish of Cray where they could sink down two or three feet or more. Rev. T. Griffiths On the high road it is a foot deep. Mr J. Smith said he noticed that other councils were taking action and sending up representations to the Member of Parliament to place before the House. The cause of the state of the road was mainly due to timber hauling, and he thought some assistance should be forth- coming from the Government for the repair of the roads. The chairman said there was no question but that the timber traffic was responsible for the state of many of the roads, but the question was what could they do? Rev. T. Griffiths said the Government was not likely to take any notice at present of representations on the matter from every tuppeny'ha'penny council. Mr Jenkin Williams said people had been paying rates and taxes on standing woods for many years and had never used the roads. Mr J. Smith: And they are getting very good profits on the timber. Mr Jenkin Williams: And the Government takes the excessive profits. Rev. T. Griffiths: It is not altogether applicable to the timber traffic, but to the ordinary traffic on account of the excessive frost. The Chairman I only wanted to call your attention to the fact that a large amount of money will have to be spent on these roads in a very short time. Mr Williams (surveyor) suggested that the unexpend- ed balances on the rates should be pooled and set aside for the work. There was no question but that there will he a very excessive demand for expenditure on the roads hy-and-bye. Sympathy with Member. The chairman extended the sympathy of the council with Mr John' Jones. Pentregwyn (vice-chairman of the Board of Guardians) on his recent bereavement.

I National Service

I Builth Wells Funerals. I


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Interesting Hay Wedding.

IBrecon Rural Tribunal. I

ITalgarth Boy. ___I

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Potatoe Growing

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