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Family Notices

I Brecon and Radnor Lighting.



I A WÕRTHY INSTITUTION. We think it our duty, as it is, indeed, our pleas- ure, to direct a,t,tention once again to the continued, beneficent work of that worthy institution, the Brecknock County and Borough Infirmary. The report of the committee of management pre- sented to the subscribers at their animal meeting last week was in every respect most encouraging laind gratifying. When we recall its history and take, if only a rapid glance at its long work, the Institution has a, wonderful record. Since its es- tablishment by kind-hearted county people in 1832 "for the cure of the sick of the county who Were destitute of the moans of support," the Institution •lias weathered all the inevitable storms of varying fortune, overcome what, ait times, might have ap- pelated insurmountable difficulties, and ministered 'to nearly 90.000 patients. It is i, ;iek-or(I of which the town and county should be proud. Although during the last decade the revenue b,as been aug- mented considerably by "private" or paying patients, its continued existence is still dependent upon the aamc kindly spirit which animated its founders, despite the innumerable calls upon the public's purse in these ,trying days, we sincere- iv trust riwt the funds of this Institution will not be forgotten. Hearrng tM,s in mind we particul ar- ly hope that the farming community wili take the gentle, hint thrown out by the chairman of the committee. Kmphasis is laid on the fact that it is not a town institution but that i,t j belongs to the county, and upon the generosity of the county its oonitinu- urnce chiefly depends. When an unfortunate ac- cident happens, or lam operation is a matter of vital j importance, first thoughts are directed to euah an institution. Let it not be forgotten when good health obtains and when all is weH. Always for- tunate in an excellent management, the Institu- tion whilst practising the strictest economy com- mensurate with its important work, ha,s had mainy cJaills upon its funds to keep apace with the times. Mainly through the devotion and eriitliusiasm of Dr. Valentine Bees, whose recovery from a dan- gerous illness is halted with sincere thankfulness —— by the townspeople of Brecon, who aire best able to judge of his. splendid work, the X Bays apparatus has long beeu instituted ailki is justifying the ex- panses incurred in its erection, especially at the present time when so much is being done for our giaillant wounded soldiers, for whose benefit the Institution is only too anxious to render all possible assistance..Much of the success of the Institution of late year- has been due to the assiduous care be- stowed upon it by the Matron, who, everyone is pleased to learn lm. resumed her work after a ser- ious illness contracted in the discharge of her duties for which she is so emin- ently qualified. Many no doubt think thitft such institutions should not depend upon voluntarism but should be rate-aided or State supported. Whatever may be our views in that direction the time is certainly not now, nor will it be in the im- mediate future; therefore, it behoves the public of the county to render it their support ungrudgingly and readily as we believe they will despite the manv present distractions.