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I Rheumatism-Kidney Trouble.

I Knighton Guardians.1


Appeal Tribunal.

Builth Allotments. I

Late Mr J. R. James, Builth.


- - --7 APPEAL TRIBUNAL—Continued.I


Colwyn Rural Tribunal.


Colwyn Rural Tribunal. A FINE RECORD. On Monday last Mr H. Evan-Thomas (chairman) presided over a meeting of the Colwyn Tribunal and others present were Messrs Thomas Davies (Vronolau), T. L. Vaughan (Llandriudod Wells), W. Prothero (Glannant) and W. W. Lennard (clerk). The military authoritiea were represented by Mr Bryan Smith (LJan- drindod Wells), and Mr J. L. Davies represented the Board of Agriculture. Mr T Lant appealed on behalf of his employee Mr Hogger, a man 35 years of age, with wife and three children. The only man he had at present who knew how to use the drill at the quarry. The demand at the quarry for road stones at present was more than he could cope with at present owing to the fact that a large number of his men had joined the colours. He had at all times encouraged his men to join and he would not have appealed on behalf of Hogger if he could possibly have managed without him. He had only 24 men at present and he would be prepared to put on 300 men if he could get them. Since the out- break of the war from 40 to 50 men had joined the arlllY. He had two cart horses but owing to the reduction in the number of men the horses were not fully occu- pied, but. now he had rented 14 acres of land, seven ot which would be put under the plough this spring—five under oats and two acres under potatoes. Iloggei: was the only man he had in charge of the concrete blocks department, and it was in the national interest that he should be able to carry on the quarries in order that he could supply stones for road repniring". The Chairman said the number of men joined from the quarries showed a tine record. Conditional exemption was granted. Conditional exemption was granted Robert Heio'h- way, Llandrindod Wells; J. Boore, Craig-y-sonau Creg-dnn; Oswald Pryse, Court, Aberedw; and u7li.am Phillips, Rhogo, Disserth. The appeal on behalf of James Matthew-s, Tyn,-reen, lAansantffraed-in-Elvel, was dismissed, and the man was ordered to serve. Mr Sheen, Carneddau, and Mrs Thompson, Drain, appealed on behalf of their sons, and both cases were adjourned till the next meeting for further medical testimony.