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I Rheumatism-Kidney Trouble.

I Knighton Guardians.1


Appeal Tribunal.

Builth Allotments. I

Late Mr J. R. James, Builth.


- - --7 APPEAL TRIBUNAL—Continued.I


7 APPEAL TRIBUNAL—Continued. I A Model Farmer. The military appealed against Wm. Griffiths (38) and Walter Wilding Griffiths (26), sons of Mr W. Griffiths. of Cellws and Llanbadarn farms, and the father and the younger son appeared. On one farm he had 14 or 15 acres of ploughed Jand out of 125 acres. There was also land to plough at Trelowgoed. He had two sons in the Army, one son a cripple, one at Cellws. one at Llanbadarn, and one in Herefordsliire. Llanbadarn farm was 115 acres and Trelowgoed, where the cripple son was, 70 acres. One of the sons, Walter, was a ten- ant farmer, and William was joint tenant with his father. Mr Bache said Mr Griffiths was a model farmer, and no one could get more off the land. The appeals were dismissed. The military appealed in the case of Evan Sidney Davies .employed by Miss Surrell (Werngoch, Llandrin- dod Wells). The case was taken in private, and the military appeal was dismissed. The military appealed against the Colwyn decision in the case of Charles Samuel. Brynhir, Llandrindod Wells. and the employer, Mr W. Weale, said the farm was 142 acres, with 62 acres of tillage. The appeal succeeded, but the man is not to be called up till a. substitute was provided. Mr Williams, Hundred House P.O.. asked for his case to be re-heard but Mr Bevan argued that there were no n-w facts. Mr Rache asked for a substitute, but the tribunal refused to re-open the case. In applic-ation for renewal, the decisions were a- fol- low:-Edward Price Mills (24), Castle Crab. Disserth adjourned for medical examination: Thomas E-vans (31), Llwyneoibren, Howey. married, two children, condi- tional exemption; and John Price, .Tones (23), Tvnllan Llandegley, temporary exemption till May 1st.


Colwyn Rural Tribunal.