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Appeal Tribunal.

Builth Allotments. I


Builth Allotments. I Meeting of the Society. I PROSPECT OF ACQUIRING LAND. A meeting of the Builth Wells Allotment Society was held at the County School, Builtli Wells, on Friday evening, and was presided over by Mr Rees Thomas, B.A. Others present were Messrs. T. 11. Jones (Dolger- ddon), W. Jones (High Street), W. Hamer (Tycerrig), H. Owens (Oaklands), W. Watkins (Church Street), W. H. Beeknell (Lansdowne), W. Davies (West End), W. A. Smileis (West End), W. T. Seaborne (Grosmont), A. Lewis (Beamville House), P. McLoughlin, David Thomas (agricultural organiser), R. E. Havard Williams (execu- tive officer of the Breconshire War Agricultural Com- mittee). The chairman said that since the last meeting a de- putation had waited upon the council, and they were given a most courteous hearing. The chairman and members promised them their support. The chairman of the council and Mr H. T. Price were appointed to wait upon Mr Hawkins with the view of securing land on Penmaenau, and he would ask Mr Williams to tell the meeting what had transpired. Mr R. Williams said that Mr Hawking had been seen by Mr Eadie and Mr Price, and the price he wanted for the land was at the rate of t5 per acre, and it would be necessary to erect a fence across the field, which would cost a good deal of money, and also fix a gate at the lower end of the ground. This land would be cuttivat-ed whether they took it over or not. and, perhaps, it would be of more service to the nation if they could take over some fresh land. Mr H. Owen said that they should have an oppor- tunity to take over land where they liked, and not to take what others pushed on them. It should be con- venient to the applicants. He then suggested the Cocket field and a field on White House Farm. Mr T. H. Jones was of the opinion that if they secur- ed a part of Penmaenau field they would be able to grow a good crop during the coming season. Mr S. Speake said that he was in favour of having the land as near home as possible. Mr W. H. Beeknell said that they were anxious to get the land for a longer period than twelve months, as under proper cultivation they would improve the land, and it would only be right that they should derive some benefit from what they were doing. Mr A. Lewis wa., of the opinion that it would be too expensive to erect a fence on Mr Hawkin's ground, and, therefore, it would be wise on their part to endea- vour to secure land which was already fenced in. It was agreed to ask the council to endeavour to secure land close to the town and to leave the same for five year, with the option of renewal at the end of the period. Mr Havard Williams was of the opinion that there would not -be. much difficulty in getting land at present, and went on to talk about the great possibilities of garden plots and what had been done at Evesham by methods of intensive culture. He believed that they were taking the right step in forming a society, which could treat with the council, and the latter would treat with the landlord or agent. He had been pleasantly surprised with the spirit displayed by the landlords and their agents to meet the demand for land, and they were only too pleased to do what they could for the country and the nation. If they could have the land- lords, agents and the members of the council to co- operate with them the movement would be a great suc- cess. On the motion of Mr R. Williams, seconded by Mr T. H. Jones, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the Chairman for presiding, and Mr Havard Williams and Mr David Thomas for their encouraging remarks.

Late Mr J. R. James, Builth.


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Colwyn Rural Tribunal.