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MOTORING. I Look Aft-r Your Tyres. I I dtm't. suppose that there is anyone who. when he bwom-a the possessor of a motor-car for the first time, doe" not firmly resolve that however careless other people may he as regards their tyres he, at any rate, will mak- a close inspection of all the four tyres at the end of ex -ry run. Perhaps he does this for a month or so. tvt s'-ldom for longer.- Certainly this was my in- tention but I am afraid that intention. like mahv t-ht'N. h:H mo rely provided another paving atone for a. wel'-known and greatly frequented high-road. At the same tirrv. it j-- an excellent thing to do. and it effects a very great saving in the tyre bill. Quite half the punctures, if not more, could he prevented if only the mail, flint, or other foreign body could be spotted he- fore has had time to work its way through the rnh- ber and a tyre inspection always reveals one or two dingerou- substances. The best tool, I find, to remove stones that are deeply imbedded is what T think "hor- sey" g?nt'emen call a. hoof picker the hooked imple- ment that is part and parcel of certain large knives. A dil) of one of the patent tyre stoppings should be given when the stone leaves anything of a hole. A few minutes spent upon each tyre, not after every run, hut aft.er every few hundred miles, is one of the best investment one can possibly make. The R.A.C. and War Work. The taking over of the Royal Automobile Club pre- mises for some form of war administration has brought forth from the Hon. Arthur Stanley, the chairman, a very powerful letter, showing the good work which this society has done during the last two and a half years. It has been represented that some of the members of the club are unpatriotic, and, for the sake of their own comfort, are endeavouring to oppose the commandeering of the dub premises. This is entirely contrary to the truth. The accusation of lack of patriotism is best an- swered by the fact that, out of 16,000 members, over 11.000 are in the Xavy or Army, and, at a low estimate, 3,000 more are engaged on munitions, or other war work. Among the chief points brought out by the chairman are the following :-Since the outbreak of war every activity of the club has been subordinate to war work, and the offices have been open day and night. All naval officers and officers from the Dominions Over- seas have been offered honorary membership of the club. Over :000 officers have availed themselves of this invi- tation, and look upon the club as their central meeting- ing place and home. Among other branches of work which the club is carrying on in connection with the war is the organised service of motor-cars for various Government departments. Under this organisation members of the club, using their own cars. have run over 11,000,000 miles on Government work. Sleeping ac- commodation for over 100 officers is1 already provided, and arrangements are just completed whereby 50 extra beds are to he provided especially for officers from the front passing through London on leave. It is common knowledge that this form of accommodation is urgentlv needed. This. is a record of which the members are justly proud, and it is to be hoped that Sir Alfred Mond may re-coni(ter his decision. I "SPOKES."

I Rheumatism-Kidney Trouble.

I Knighton Guardians.1


Appeal Tribunal.

Builth Allotments. I

Late Mr J. R. James, Builth.


- - --7 APPEAL TRIBUNAL—Continued.I


Colwyn Rural Tribunal.