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MOTOR CYCLING. The Motor-Cycle in Business. For a long time past I have been a strong advocate of the extensive use of the motor cycle and side-car for business purposes, and I recently came acros-, a very striking instance of the value of this combination. An egiz merchant in the North of England has for three years past used hb motor-cycle and a specially made side-car io- the collection of upwards of 5.000 eggs per week, ffl, machine is a 3l h.p.. and is fitted with a 3-r>evd gar-a verv necessary fixture, since the dis- tri-t i; a particularly hilly one. After removing the body of the .side-car from the chassis, a box was fitted sufficiently large to carrv three thirty-dozen cases of eggs Thf, caused a good deal of trouble however, sinoe breakages were so numerous, so a rather more elaborate, thing was made, resembling a chest of draw- ersi. and so arranged that no space was allowed in which the drawers could move by the jolting. The eggs are nlaced in card-board divisions, with a layer of felt at th* ton and another at the bottom, and it is found that never an egg is broken, however rough the road or however rapid, up to 25 miles an hour, the machine travels. The following is the balance-sheet as supplied by the owner:-Food for pony, per week, 10/6: de- preciation and running repairs, 2/6: extra wages for labour 6' total. 19/ Cost of running motor-cycle 50 miles Wr week-spirit and oil. 1/9: insurance and revenue, 2/ total, 9/3. Rear Tyre Punctures. I In th divs when I first rode a motor cycl L-ilow iar aw^y h-Y seem iic)w !-thert, was one trouble with whkh I wis alwavs confronted, and that was a punc- ture in the back tyre. The modern rider cannot imagine what a nightmare this, was, especially when riding after (!1k. or when a delay was serious I still liJtte-fiwi still ride now and then, which speaks volumes for its exoellence-a 1911 model, and. although I reckon I am pretty good with my hands, I have never been able to change a tube or cover in the back wheel in less than two hour- N^wadavs, happily, the trouble is much less than it was. For one thing, punctures are much f'wr. owing to the improvement in tyres, and to a ereat-er knowledge of the way in which they should be treated, and to the great advance that has been made in the condition of the roads, apart from the last year or two when the roads have necessarily become very bad indeed. But even when one does get a puncture, for no one- can expect to be immune from an occa- sional nash.,ip of this description no matter how good th." road or how excellent the tyre, it is a much more simple matter to mend it. The introduction of the butt-ended tiihe made things much easier, of course, but apart from this, with a machine of the chain-cum-belt and countershaft gear box, it is comparatively ample to ren^ove the back wheel. It is only necessary to re- move the belt and brake shoes, loosen the spindle nutR, ?dtn. wheel comes out. There are other advantages ot th* countershaft gear, for there is greater stability, Ifis wt-ar on the he-It, and the gear is able to with- stand greater strain.


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Builth Allotments. I

Late Mr J. R. James, Builth.


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