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I Brecon Infirmary.


I Brecon Infirmary. I ANNUAL MEETING I SPLEXHD WORK AND MANAGEMENT. The annual meeting of the Brecon County and Bor- I ough InHrmary wa he!d at the SWre Hall, Brtecn, on ?."??,da'i.. Mr David Powdl presided and others pres- ent ?r?.Mi-?Ad?)aJ<)e Williams, Nlrs F. Thorn aRev. Haundi r-i Jcnes, Messrs. W. F. Parry de Winton. W. A. Wright. David Morgan, T. Griffith Jones, Evan Morgan, James Morgan. G. Hyatt Williams, John Mcrtdith. John Price. H. F. Harries, W. Jones Parry, H. C. Rich. *r*d W. H. Gimson, with the secretary (Mr John Price). THE REPORT. The committee, in pre-senting their report for the past year. were pleased to record that, despite the adverse balance and outstanding liabilities with which the year was commenced, there is the substantial balance in hand of £ &2 6s f-d; but as against this many necessary re- pairs and improvement" had to be postponed owing to the scarcity of labour and the high price of materials. Repairs and improvements must be carried out when normal time-, return. The repcrt prooe :We have been singularly fortunate during the year in receiving malJ- substantial donations, and particularly would we mention tv. sums amounting to 1-57 155 id, the pro- ceeds of entertainment* given by Mr T. J. Parry's Amateur Dramatic Company; aho two sums amount- ing to t63 from the High Sheriff (Alr Rees Lieweilyn. Bwllfif. Aberdare). Fifty guineas cf the latter amount have been put on deposit and ear-marked towards painting the ward- and the exterior of the building generally. The late Miss Watkins (Wat-ton) bequeathni a sum of f-100, which fiad been placed to the permanent fund and invested in War Loan. Last year a special appeal was made to the. employees of the. various local railway companies. This has met with a generous re- sponse. for which we are deeply grateful, th- em- ployees of the Brecon and Mertlivr Company (Brecon and Talyllyn) contributing £ 16 ISs 3d. and those of the Midland Company £ 4 15s 6d. It is hoped that the m. n connected with the other companies will 'follow c,n.' The agricultural .ommunitv have not yet realised their obli- gations to s0 valuable an institution. W, hope, how- ever, that many of their names will appear in the sub- scription list fci the current year. The hou-e to house and street collections show thè substantial increase of £ 1S 12s 8d over the amount collected in :915. The general expenses have been kept down as low as pos- sible. The X Ray apparatus is quite justifying the ex- penses incurred in it* erection, and especially at the present time when so much is being done fc.r our wounded soldiers, for whose benefit we are only too anxious to render all the assistance we can. Many gifts of blankets linen, garden produce, etc., are con- stantly being given by kind friends whose names do net appear in this report. For these we are very grateful, as siu'h artii.Jes are continually required and would en- tail a heavy expense- if they had to be purchased. The committee, are delighted to know that Dr. Ree* is. nearly well again, and that very shortly he will be able to resume his splendid work for the infirmary. We are equally glad to know that Dr. Francis, who also renders invaluable r'. :c> to the institution, is restored to health. We are pkiase^ also to record the recovery of the Matron after a serious illness contracted in the dis- charge of her duties, and we hawe reason to think that by the time this report is in the hands of the subscribers we shall have had the pleasure cf welcoming her bck to the duties for which she is so eminently qualified. During the Matron'" absence the administrative work of the institution has been efficiently carried cut by Nurse Murray, to whom the committee desire to exprecs their gratitude for so readily coming to their assist- anee." The receipts for 191fl amounted to R12fl lis and the expenditure £1207 Os Id. The report wa.<, adopted. House Surgeon's Report. The houst surgeon (Dr. L. S. Smith), in his report of the work doner at the Infirmary during the yea.r, -said: There were 144 patients treated as compared with 149 in 1915. 154 in 1914. and 116 duriruf ]91:3. Of these 34 were medical cases, and 110 surgical eases. {If the me- dical cases 15 were discharged cured, 9 relieved or im- proved, and 2 died, the deaths being due to heart- dis- ease andmeningrt-is also 2 were discharged in statu quo, and 2 still remain in the institution. Of the surgical eases 83 were discharged cured. 12 relieved. 5 in statu quo. 3 till remain in, and 7 died. There were 343 out- patients treated either at the infirmary or in their own homes. The X Ray department has still continued to do very satisfactory work, especially with regard to the wounded soldiers from Penoyre. The absence of the Matron has het T greatly felt-, but we hope and believe that she will he with us again in the near future, and I may add that, we were f-ingiilarlv fortunate in pro- curing such an efficient and able substitute. To add to our difficulties Dr .Rees is disabled through pneumonia, but is now. we are glad to report-, well on the road to recovery. Total number of patients from the foundation to the end of the year 1915. 8S.590: in-patients admitted in 1916, 144: out-patients in 1916, 343—S9,077. The chairman said they could congratulate themselves on the fact that notwithstanding the heavy deficit of the previous year, th.'y had in spite of abnormal con- ditions closed this year's accounts with an excellent credit balan.v. of £à? 6s 9d. (Hear, hear.) This was very creditable. They were very grateful to the donors and subscribers who had come to their rescue. It was owing to an increase in the numbtr of subscribers that they found themselves in such a satisfactory position. The committee of management had kept the expenses down. and this had also helped to make the balance. There was a lot of work needed to be done at the In- stitution, and they could spend 4:250 or £ 300 on renova- tion alone. Last year they had a lot of new subscribers which he did Dot expect to have this year. and so he hoped all subscribers would continue their support. Some of the railway companies, in response to their solicita- tions. had subscribed last year, and they should try to get the rallway companies who had not subscribed to do so. The Institution was not being contributed to by the agricultural community of the. county, as it should. The farmers seemed to think that it was en- tirely a Brecon Institution, and did not respond to its claims as they should. There vere seven patients in the Infirmary at, present, and four cf these were representa- tive of the agricultural community. In face of this they .shouldcertainly contribute towards the support of the Institution. He said this in a kindly spirit. He hoped the farmers would realise their responsibility and be- come subscribers to the Institution. Speaking on the statement of accounts, Air Powell further said that their happy position was dlte to an exceptional beome, which they could not hope to get year by year. Mr Jas. Morgan said the report was very satisfactory .:1]-.1 everybody. he was ,ure. was quite -satisfied with it. Tiie statement of accounts was pased unanimously. Mr W. H. <Jimson proposed the usual vote of thanks to the treasurtr. chairman and vice-chairmen, the honor- ary medical staff, tIlt" respective committees and tho ladies and gentlemen who had made donations to the Institution during the year. Mr W. H. Jones Parry seconding, said everybody he had spoken to about the Infirmary agreed that it was one of the best managed institutions in the country. This was very gratifying to the ladies and gdTfJoernen who were int-erest-ed in it. He had never heard a single word from anyone but praise for the way the Infirmary was conducted. (Hoar, hear). The resolution was carried unanimously. The chairman said they would be pleased to know that their -nrgeons were convalescent again. He re- ferred to the valuable services of Dr. S. Smith, and said they were ail glad to hear of the matron's recovery. Nur-e Murray had rendered valuable assistance during her absence, and tt. were exceedingly grateful to all. A vote of t.«.r:k« to the. chairman concluded the meet- ing. mwvum

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