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A GOOD OPPORTUNITY. A week ago an influential deputation waited upon the Brecon Town Council to solicit their co- operation in the establishment of a horse mart. The deputation represented the local Chamber of Trade, tiic Shire Horse Society, the Farmers' rn- ion and Auctioneers. The strongest reasons were advanced in favour of .the project. It was pointed out that horse fairs—especially where held in the streets—wore decadent; and, as far as Brecon itself was concerned, the horse fa-lir was practi- cally dead. The district has inhvays produced, and still produces, as good quality horses as any in the Principality; but the best of these are taken away to other towns and centres, where the more expeditious methods of sale—the horse ni,a,rts-li;a,ve long been established. The tirade advantages which would 'accrue to the town itself through the success of such a movement are too obvious to need enumerating. It naturally fol- lows that whatever advantages the farming in- terest must beneficially affect the trade of the tDwíJ. We confess to some surprise that the Coun- oil did not immediately accept the suggestion. There seemed to be some reluctance, the meaning of which we-are at a loss to understand, unless it be that some members thought the movement was one for priva.,te enterprise. Assuming that to be so, is it wise from a trade point of view l j wsv* for it? The business hfe of Brecon' depends almost entirely upon the development of its mar- kets, a.nd this movement appears to us to Suggest a good opportunity of furthering tha.t object. The outlay, it was pointed out, would be, at first, com- paratively small; and, if the ratepayers had to bear it, we imagine they would be ill-iadvised not to, since the business brought to the town in- directly through the mart would amply recoup them. If the mart would bring "grist to the nilli" of the trade of Brecon, as its promoters say it would, it is scarcely worth while boggling over the initial cost. Looking at the matter fairly, we think the Council would be wise tQ give their favourable consideration to the scheme and im- mediately co-operate in the mlaitter. Otherwise there is the da.nger, as one of the deputation pointed out, of a. more enterprising council within the county popping in and depriving the county town of an opportunity which seems to us worth grasping.

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