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Llandovery Eisteddfod.


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I . ) ? g? Breconshire Mysteryi

Ystradgynlais Property.


; w I Pantydwr Treat.


w Pantydwr Treat. SCHOOL-CHILDREN ENTERTAINED. EDUCATIONAL VALUE OF THE COOKERY VAN. On Thursday last. in the Assembly Hall, Pantydwr. the children of St. Harmons and Nantgwyn School, to. gether with their teachers and parents, the pupils of the cookery class (with Miss Randall), the old people of the district and a large number of friends, were enter- tained to tea by Mrs Richard Hughes, London House. Rhayader. A good number arrived by the train from Rhayader, and by 3.30 quite a large number had as- sembled in the spacious hall. Three large tables were laid out and presided over by the following ladies: Mrs Vaughan. Alltgoch (assisted by the Misses Watkins and M. Lewis), Mrs Pugh, The Manse (assisted by the Misses R. Lewis, G. George and E. Powell), and Mrs E. W. Jones, Garmon View (assisted by Mrs Rees and the Misses M. Powell and M. Ingram). Mrs Ingram, Mrs Lewis and Miss C. Watkins were in charge of supplies "at the base of operations," whilst Mrs Evans and Mr T. Lewis were in the "firing line" keeping the tea hot. Mr R. Hughes, C.C., and Mr J. R. Ingram took care that all partook of the excellent spread. The children marched from the van to the hall, headed by their in- structress (Miss Randall). After tea, a large number sat down and listened with rapt attention to an excellent programme gone through by the Pantydwr Party and friends. Mr Ed. Price ably presided, pointing out the kindness shown to the children, and, also, speaking highly of the sweet singing and the tip-top style ich the reciters had acquitted themselves. During the programme, Mr Councillor Hughes pre- sented each pupil of the cookery class with a beauti- ful book, and prizes were also collected from friends in the neighbourhood. Mr E. W. Jones was called upon to give the adjudi- cation. and, in his remarks, pointed out the importance of training voung girls in cooking, etc., and further stated that it had been a great pleasure to him to pay a vtsit to the van in working hours and to see the pupils so diligent in their endeavours to please their mistress. He also considered they were greatly indebted to the County Council for their thoughtfulness in establishing the van, and, in his opinion, the council were very for- tunate in securing the services of Miss Randall. The adjudication was as follows --Nant ,vyn School- Competition keen, first prize Mati la Le vis and Annie Evans, 2nd Agnes Lewis, and 3rd, Agnes Jones. Bwlch- sarnau School—1st prize Edsie Edwards, 2nd Mary Pugh, and 3rd, Annie Powell. A special prize was also given-to all the other pupils who failed by only a narrow mar- gin. Mrs Vaughan, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Pugh and Mrs E. W. Jones presented the prizes. Miss Randall also received a souvenir from the Misses Peggy and Jen Jones, Garmon View. The former presented the books. The chairman proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs Hughes for the grand treat that the company received that afternoon, and this was seconded by Miss Warrington. Mr Hughes responded, and, in a lengthy speech, urged the children of the different schools to attend regularly. He also proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the tea-makers and able assistants for the excellent way they had carried out the arrangement*, and further to the magnificent way the singers, accom- panists and reciters had gone through their work-also, to the trustees for the use of the hall, which he con- sidered was a great boon to the neighbourhood. Mr Hughes also proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the chairman, who so ably filled the chair. This was seconded hy Miss Randall in a neat speech, thanking the inhabitants for the way they had treated her during her visit at Pantydwr. The programme was as follows :-Anthem, "Hear my cry, 0 Gcd," the party; recitation (selected), Miss Clara Watkin: song, Miss Jones. Rhayader: recitation, "The Day," Mr Bert Lewis; trio, Messrs. Rees, Lewis and Meredith: recitation. Mrs Hughes, Rhayader; sing, "City of the Jasper Wall," the party; recitation, "The Dream of Pilate's Wife," Miss M. Powell; trio, Messrs Rees. Lewis and Meredith; recitation, "A Leap for Life," Mr H. Rees: song, Miss Hamer, Rhayader; distribution of prizes: and singing, "Mizpah," the party. Mr E. W. Jones conducted the party, and the accom- panists were Miss Hamer (Rhayader) and Miss Ingram (Pantydwr).

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Brecon Town Council. I

Well-Known Farmer.

Penybont Farmers' Union. 1


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