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FLANNEL TROUSERS that Keep their Shape. For Young Men and those who feel' Young. mHERE being fourteen differ- ent sizes here there /?? y\t??? ? a S*ze in Watts' /??? \it ? Flannel Trousers to I^ you. They are tt???? ?J??W fashioned in smart, comfortable style (see ffllW I '?? illustration), giving fI?Lf?M ? f ? !W? perfect freedom of f f movement and fitted ? I ? with loops and hip ? j ? straps. The flannel ph ? ? in them is of reliable B ? It quality, and recom- j? ? ? j mended for good It I lu service. Awaiting your in- Ccpyuflt spection. In Dark # Grey, Medium Grey, and White. <' MEN'S 7/6, 8/9, 10/6, 12/6. YOUTHS': 6/6, 7/6.  t ??/ /??r?TrTft ?7?/Z?  Wm<§m ? 0?j5i!e ..????J??Q?? Monument Industry depends upon efficient transport. Horse shortage and other factors have reduced efficient transport to a matter of motor haulage on the road. And that's where the Ford Delivery van comes in to such good purpose that it may justly be regarded as the one indispensably necessary adjunct of commerce to-day. I I 20 H.P. Efficiently equipped-Steel Panelled body with double doors at rear. Extreme height floor to roof 52in., extreme width 51 in., length behind driver 50 in., width of well 35 in. Price (at Works, Manchester) 9130. For fuller particulars and demonstration apply to :— RICH & SONS, Motor Engineers, Tel. 28, BRECON. æ æ ) J. E. NOTT & Co., I 1 HIGH STREET, BRECON. I œ æ æ æ æ æ æ m æ æ 1 -—?. S m I æ Binders at £ 35. m §g 1 Self-Raking Reapers from £ 22. i rp be placed as early as possible.  S Orders should be placed as early as possible. 1BB S Orders should be placed as early as possible. j a ES ? Agent— ffl I J. E. NOTT & Co., LTD., a! æ BRE €<ON.  | BRECON. | læœææææææœæææææææææmææææææææææææææææææææææœæææl THE KINO, Castle Street, Builth Wells. GEO. M. HAND. LOOK OUT FOR THE GREAT SERIAL "GREED SPECIAL ATTRACTION THURSDAY, FRIDAY, « SATURDAY, AUG. 3rd, 4th«8th AND SATDKDAY MATINEE THE WAR IN PICTURE AND STORY. ACTUAL Cinematograph Pictures from the seat of War, with graphic explanations of the Scenes as they are shown by DR. HOWARJI BAROX. LL.D. (the well-known War Correspondent) re- cently returned from the fighting areas. The Pictures show actual scenes in the great European conflict, giving a marvellous insight into the stupendous work of the Allies, and bringing home to us what is really happening at the Front as no journalistic effort can do. By means of the cinenna camera, and the intrepid work of Dr. Baron, who comes fresh from the seat of war after many thrilling experiences, we are taken into the very heart of battle. We see the conflict as it really is, and gain impressions of the stern realities of war by actual sight and association. Additional interest is added by the fact that Views of the 1st Mons. Regiment are shown. Commenting on the series, The Times says" Dr. Baron's vivid Cinetalk takes us into the very crucible of war, and holds us spellbound to the end." The Films have received the Cordial approval <?f the War Office, and some SPECIAL NEW JfILMS depict a tour through the Woevre and Verdun Districts, the actual scenes of the recent struggle of the Germans in their terrible efforts to break through the Allied lines. No one should miss this unique opportunity of seeing war as it really is, and hearing what is actually taking place in this great world convulsion. SHIPPING NOTICES. THE EMPIRE'S GREATEST/RAILWAY. Palatial Modem Steamers on the Atlantic and Pacific (Managers and Agents:, Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Ltd.) linking Canada with Europe and with Asia. Fast Freight Services from Europe to the rich markets of the New World. Ship your goods via Canadian Pacific. Through tickets at lowest rates to all districts in CANADA, UNITED STATES, JAPAN, MANILA, CHINA, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, AND ROUND THE WORLD. Parcels by DOMINION EXPRESS to Canada and U. S.A. Apply CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, 18, St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol, or Local Agents everywhere. -_n_" Canadian Pacific Ocean Seryices, Ltd. MANAGERS AND AGENTS. — CANADIAN PACIFIC LINES. — LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL Missanabie, Fri., Aug. 11 I Metagama, Fri., Aug. 25 LONDON TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL. Mattawa (Cargo only).. Monday, August 14. TO JAPAN-Nanila-CHINA (from Vancouver) Emprees of Asia Sept. 7 Monteagle Sept. 30 ——— ALLAN LINES LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL Sicilian, Fri., Aug. 4 Scandinavian, Fri.. Aug. 18 LONDON TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL. Pomeranian (cargo only), Saturday, Aug. 12th. AVONMOUTH TO MONTREAL (Cargo only). Montfort. Tuesday, August 15th. Sailings from Glasgow, and Havre on application. CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SyRrlion. Ltd., 18, St. Auguatine's Parade, Bristol; Royal Liver Building, Liverpool. ALLAN BROS. & Co., U.K., Ltd. (Traffic Agents), James Street, Liverpool, or Local Agents Everywhere. Llandrindod Wells CONVENTION will be held in the MARQUEE as usual in August Bank Holiday Week. The Speakers will include Rev. Hubert Brooke, M.A., Rev. Henry Montgomery, M.A., D.D., Rev. and Hon. W. Talbot Rice, M.A., Rev. J. Rusaell Howden, B.D. ( Chairman: Mu ALBERT A. HEAD. Programmes from H. D. Phillips, The Vista, Llandrindod Wells. br876 ALL KINDS OF INSURANCES EFFECTED. P- CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETTLED. AGENT for several FIBST CLASS COMPANIES. W. WILLIAMS, Aeeoontant, Insurance, and General Agent, SENNYBRIDGE, 6, BULWARK, BRECON. b794 ) | BI FAR THE CHEAPEST FOOD. | HANDLEY'S PURE Nutritious Farmhouse Flour Unly 44/- per 2801b. Carriage Paid 25 miles. (6d. a sack extra over 25 miles, cash). Economical, Satisfying, Health-Giving. Nothing Like Home-Produced Food Maximum Value, for Minimum Price. Sole Agents for Calthrop's Fattening, Feeding, and Sheep and Lamb Cake, l also Criddle's. I A. Handley & Sons MILLERS 8t CORN MERCHANTS, Builth Wells, Rhayader & Erwood. Hampton grammar School, GLASBURY-ON-WYE. Principal: Rev. D. C. Lloyd. Classics, Mathematics, Civil Service, Short- hand, Typewriting, Commercial Tuition, Music. Pupils highly (successful at London, Oxford Cambridge, and Wales Universities. Also in all public exams. For prospectus apply- Rev. D. C. LLOYD, Glasbury-ou-Wye The Next Term wiN commence on Tuesday, 19th Sep- tember, 1916. HOTEL GWALIA, Upper Wotrarn Place, London, W.C. 130 Rooms luxuriously fumished, Fireproof Building, Electric Light to all Floors, Centrally situated, close to Euston Station, to Euston station, Hotel. Tariff: Bed, Breakfast, Bath, and Attend- ance. 5a. each person. Telegraphic Address: "Gwaliatel," London. Telephone: 5010 & 5011, City. JOHN M. JENKINS, Manager. MOURNING & WEDDING CARDS & STATIONERY 1".1. —A speciality at the "Express" Offices, Brecon. I ♦ I COUNTY OF BRECON. Notice to Aliens (friendly or otherwise). A LL ALIENS, resident: in the County of AJ- Brecon, or who miy come to reside in the County, will take note of the following, which is an abstract from Section 19 of The Aliens Restriction Orders "An Alien wherever resident shall comply with the following requirements as to regis- tration (a) He shall as soon as possible, FURNISH PARTICULARS of registration to the CHIEF CONSTABLE of the district. (b) He shall, if he is about to Change his Residence, furnish to the Chief Constable of the district in which he is then resident, particulars as to the date on which his residence is to be changed, and as to his intended place of residence, and on effecting any such change of residence he shall forthwith report himself to the Registration Officer of the registration district into which he moves. (c) He shall furnish to the Registration Officer of the district in which he is resident, particulars of any circumstances affecting in any manner the accuracy of the particulars previously furnished by him for the purpose of registration, within forty-eight hours after the circumstances have occurred. Where an ALIEN is lodging with or living as a member of the household of any other person, it shall be the duty of that person either himself to furnish with respect to the alien the particulars aforesaid, or to give notice of the presence of the alien in his household to the Registration- Officer. CHARLES HORE RUTtIVEN, 1971 Acting Chief Constable. Important Notice. COUNTY OF BRECON. Extract from AN ORDER of the Secretary of State dated the 22nd July, 1916, under Regulation 11 of the Defence of the Realm (Consolidation) [Regulations, 1914. (The following applies to the whole of the County of Brecon.) ALL external lamps, flares, and fixed lights .l: of all descriptions, and all aggregations of lights, whether public or private, must be ex- tinguished except such public lamps as the Chief Officer of Police directs to be kept in use for the public salfety and any oth^f ■ lights approved by Jjim. AU lights which are nl extinguished must be reduced to the minimum intensity consistent with safety and so shrouded or obscured that direct light is cut off in all directions above the horizon- tal and no more tliain a diffused light is cast upon the ground. In dwelling houses, hotels, shops, factories and other premises of all descriptions, all inside lights must be so reduced and shaded, or the windows, roof lighting areas, skylights, glass doors, etc., so screened by shutters or dark blinds or dark cur- tains that no more than a dull, subdued light is I visible from any direction outside, and no part of the pavement or roadway or any building or other object is distinctly illuminated thereby. Passengers in railway carriages which are pro- vided with blinds, must keep the blinds lowered so as to cover the windows from half-an-hour after sunset till half-an-liour before sunrise. This Order'shall take effect on and after the 7th August, 1916, the times in this County being from 2 Hours after sunset till 2 Hours before sunrise. < CHARLES HORE-RUTHYEN, b965 Acting Chief Constable. REV RICE POWELL S or BOUGHROOD CHARITY NoTICE is hereby given that the Annual Meeting df the Trustees of the above-named Charity will 'be held at the Church House, in Liorn Street, Brecon, on Tuesday, the 3rd day of October next, at 11.30 o'clock in the forenoon, when the lads who have served out their ap- prenticeship and their late masters :and boys de- sirous of being apprenticed with their parents and proposed masters are required to attend. Petitions forms of which can bo-obtained off the Clergyman of each Parisli) duly filled up and signed must be sent to me on or before the 5th day of September next, and no boy will be apprenticed unless it be shown that he has served his proposed master for at least 28 days previous to the day of Meeting with satisfactory results. GEORGE TUDOR, Solicitor to the Trustees. Brecon, 2nd August, 1916. b963 Quarterly Meetings. ( CELEBRATION OF JUBILEE AND I TESTIMONIAL. The quarterly meetings will be held a.t Troed- rhiwdalar Church on August 16th, when the Churches in the pastorate of Rev. D. A. Griffith will celebrate his jubilee by making him a, testi- monial. It ha.a ailso been decided to solicit sub- scriptions towards this testimonial from all his many friends and acquaintances. All sub- scriptions to be forwarded to the secretary, Mr Llewelyn Jones, Lliwynpiod, Garth, S.O., on or before August 11th. b931 FEATHERS WANTED. POULTRY, DUCK, GOOSE FEATHERS, ETc. WE ARE ALWAYS BUYERS FOR CASH. W SEND YOUR GOODS OR WRITE FOR PRICE LIST. WITTON & COMPANY, EXETER STREET, BIRMINGHAM; p Government Shopping Appeal. WHITEHALL, S.W. 20th July, 1916. Dear Sir, The devplopment of recruiting in recent months and the passing of the Military Service Acts have led to a large number of men joining the colours whose absence from their ordinary avocations cannot but result in some dislocation of their businesses. We feel sure that it is the universal desire that the men who are going forth to fight our Country's battles shall in their civil positions suffer as little as possible for their patriotism, and we wish to appeal to the public to help to secure this object by continuing to support the shops and businesses of men who have themselves or whose assistants have joined the King's Forces, and by avoiding during the War the transfer of their patronage to other establishments. May we ask you to let this appeal be circulated in your Borough. We are, Dear Sir, Yours faithfully, HERBERT SAMUEL, Home Secretary. L. HARCOURT, Acting President of the Board of Trade. WALTER H. LONG, President of the Local Government Board. The Mayor of Brecon. b 957 Dale, Forty & Co. FAMOUS MODELS IN PIANOS. GURANTEED FOR- High Musical Quality. Perfection of Touch. Artistic Case Designs. Finish and Durability. v » Good Value for Money. Our Catalogue shows- Lowest Cash Prices, Low Scale of Gradual Payments., Dale, Forty & Co. LIMITED. High Street and Castle Arcade, S CARDIFF. Telephone, 1103. br858 John. A. Evans, AGRICULTURAL iND GENERAL AUCTIONEER AND YALOER. Delapidation and Tenant Right Valuer. M Sales by Auction or Private Treaty of all kinds of Property, Timber, Furniture, Farm- ing Stock, Grass Lettings, &c. Special < terms to members of Farmers' Union. Prompt Settlements. i Auction Offices: Ysciog and Cattle Market, Builth. b158



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