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I BUILTH WELLS. I THE PRICE OF THE WATERS. I rRBAX COUNCIL'S DISCUSSION. I Mr H. T. Price (vice-chairman) persided over a meet- ing of Builth Urban Council on Thursday. Present were Messrs. H. H. Lewis, J. Duggan, J. Morris, E. S. Davies, W. W. Lennard (deputy-clerk) and Telfer Smith (surveyor). Dr. W. Black Jones (medical officer) also at- tended. A letter was read from Messrs. Jeffreys and Powell (Brecon), on behalf of Mrs Evans (Ffrwdgrecli, Brecon), relative to the price of the waters. A brief discussion ensued on the question, and the vice-chairman stated that, if they bought the whole concern, it would cost them as much as they would give for it to keep it go- ing and bring it up to a good standard. Mrs Evans paid £ -20,000 for it, and she certainly would not sell it under that price now. Mr J. Duggan proposed a deputation be formed to interview Messrs. Jeffrey and Powell. He thought the county councillors living in the town would be suitable persons. Mr H. T. Price explained that he would rather not he one of the deputation. The council finally decided to interview Mr H. V. Vauahan on the matter. That German Professor. The deputy-clerk drew the council's attention to the adjourned appointment of a representative on the Court of the University of Wales (Aberystwyth). Mr H. T. Price: Several bodies have refused to ap- point a representative because of the pension of the German professor, and I am againsP appointing one my- self. St Mr J. Duggan pointed out the representative was to sit for three years, and, if they did not appoint, they would be defeating their own interests, because they may derive some good from it. Mr H. T. Price said that, as they were appointing one to sit for three years, which meant, perhaps, some benefit to them, he did not object. Mr J. Duggan reminded members that the Education Committee and County Council had appointed represen- tatives. The meeting was not always held at Aberyst- wyth'. Last time it took place at Rhayader. Mr E. S. Davies proposed Dr. W. Black Jones be ap- pointed. Mr J. Duggan seconded, and the doctor con- sented to act. The Groe. Mr T. R. Worthington's lease of the boat-house was next discussed, and general opinion showed that mem- bers were not satisfied with the condition of the grounds. A doubt was also expressed whether the newlv-enclosed portion was a bowling-green or a hay- field. Mr H. T. Price said it ought to be kept so as to at- tract visitors. Mr E. S. Davies thought, perhaps, it would be wise to keep sheep off from the first of June till the first of Mr H. T Price' observed the Groe Committee were partly to blame, and he asked who were members of that committee? I The Clerk: Members of the Groe Committee are Messrs. G. Eadie, H. T. Price, T. R. Worthington, J. Duggan, H. H. Lewis and J. Morris. Mr H. T. Price: A responsible committee, too. (Laughter). ?he medical officer reported the health of the town generallY to be good. ?'sur?or s& the Groe paths had been tarred, and that Mr Tulk had given the tar. Mr J. Duggan proposed a vote of thanks to Alr Tulk. and this was seconded by Mr H. H. Lewis. I Gas Economy. I Mr J. Duggan again drew the council's attention to the question of economy of gas. He had had several complaints about the waste, and he himself thought it a waste also. Mr Tulk had now given tar for the Groe paths, and he thought they could reward him by sav- ing his gas. Mr 'H ? Lewis observed that, by means of a mach- ine, they were bound to burn gas for a minimum of two hours. ?'he deputy-clerk thought they should consume as much gas as possible for the sake of the bi-products. Mr H. T. Price agreed, stating the bi-products in the production of gas were very important. The matter then dropped.

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