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I Radnorshire's M.O.H.

Radnorshire Tribunal. I

.Funeral at Knighton.-I

Radnorshire County DistressI…


The -Pensions1 Act. 1

Brecon ReadersI

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I Llandrindod Wells Concert…


I Llandrindod Wells Concert I FOR BARNARDO HOMES. ,,V I A remarkably successful concert, orgamseu by -"y Tom Norton and Mrs Herbert Oliver, was given at too Albert Hall, Llandrindod, on Thursday evening, in K of Dr. Harnardo's Homes. There was a magnificent tendance, largely of visitors, and the beautiful vf gramme of part-songs, choruses, &c., provided by J. Thomas's Royal Pr?e Choir, was immensely apj? ils '¡:rhO} was helfeSt vcey strX, and their performances were of that high artiS' character which is always associated with their -4 pearances. Other items included solos, duets and 1r citations, the artistes including Miss Sybil E,'il* (Garth) Mr Onfel Price and Mias M. Price (Rhayad? Miss M Morgan, Miss Evelyn Arthur, Mrs }!or: Mrs B. Pugh, Miss Gwen Owen, Miss Mary Thof? J Mr ;g. :ew:'j]?:e'iSieaB'avTO  I Miss Mvfanwy Hughes presided at the piano. Enell- were numerous, and every item was splendidly ¡J ceived. Special interest centred in the appearance??, Mr Onfe! Price, of Rhayader, as this was his first pearance at the spa. He possesses a very nice ligo baritone voice, and he was particularly successful v;beo singing with his sister in the duet. "Tell me, gen? stranger." Madame Morgan &nd Madame Pugh gj two of their delightflut quartettes, which were ilf mendously cheered. Miss Gwen Owen secured an .0 core for her song, "When you come home," and Afl, Sybil Evans, who is quite a young performer, cP f vated the audience with her songs, "Will you fly a with me to the moon?" and "The Welsh Girl," t of. latter being given in character. Miss Evelyn ArtDj maintained her reputation as an elocutionist of re. distinction, and Miss Mary Thomas gave a sweet reo; distinction, "Friend." The part-song, "Ora pro nobi^ dering of was a rich musical treat, the soloists heft Miss G? Owen, Mr Onfel Price and Mr T. L. James.. Many visitors expressed great delight with the ing of the choir and the individual artistes, and, at t r close, brief speeches were given by the Rev. D. Artb:. Davies and Mr W. Thomas. The former tendered thaI! j. to Mrs Norton and Mrs Oliver or their work of orf!? sation. congratulating them on their success, and. al  to the choir, conductor and artistes. Mr W. Thon>*j$ in respondmg. mentioned his indebtedne sqt0,tioe Gwen Davies, who had become his accompanist at t ø last moment, his expected accompanist having %"?' from the town at very short notice.

ICarmarthen Tragedy. I

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