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From the Poultry Yard.


From the Poultry Yard. BY "ROOSTER." Unfortunately, the weather lately was not good for fowls of any age, but this is the sort of thing that poultry-keepers have to put up with. Most poultry-breeders have become intensivists with- out any thought of doing so, owing to -veather conditions. It naturally follows that wv. ,-3 birds are being kept in proper intensive houses and the correct amount of space is allowed—then all will be well, but, if the house is not suitable and yet birds have to be kept inside they must be watch- ed and everything they need supplied. Cleaning is a very important item no matter how the fowls are housed and both flooring and birds should be kept perfectly dry. Unless fowls are kept dry and clean you cannot expect a goodly supply of eggs. Where birds have an outdoor run on dry ground, they need less house room and if a shelter is adjoining then they should do well and keep healthy and fit. Where birds are kept in confinement there are many things which must. bs done for them, and, though small in themselves they are most import- ant if you would have the best out of them. The floor must be well covered with a dry mater- ial, which must be kept dry, and the looser it is the better. No doubt peat moss is one of the best things to use, because it can be put down very quickly, and then if kept dry and turned over oc- casionally it will last for many months. But in these days of economic pressure it is necessary to save all the money one can, and poultry-keepers should not be behind in reducing expenses. When it is possible the fine wood shavings or chippings would answer for a time, and though they would need to be cleaned out more frequently they would come much cheaper and thus effect a saving. These chippings can be had from any joinery works, and in many places there they are working on munitions, the chips can be had for the fetching away. Of course chaff may be used, but like all other stuff this has gone up in price and will be rather costly. The chaff would come in well for the garden and make a splendid man- ure, but the wood caD be spread on the land though not of much benefit. Another small detail which must receive at- tention is that of green food. It is one of the most necessary foods for birds in confinement and birds without it suffer in health and fail in the egg supply. Green food acts directly upon the blood and keeps the system in working order and it would pay to buy some regularly every day because of the' increased number of eggs. The return in price is enough to pay for all greens, and this will help the basket more than anything else w 111 1) elp the ba-sket more than a-nvthill, e l se, Water is essential for egg production, and though one may think that during cold weather fowls need less water, this is most important if the egg supply would be maintained. When fowls are kept on the intensive principle the drinking vessel should be kept outside the house, otherwise they splash it all over the floor and then the covering soon becomes wet and emits a foul odour. Although not in favour of dosing fowls continually it may be necessary at times to give a little tonic to restore lost vigour. It is easy to get a. condiment which can be mixed up with the soft food, and then as a rule all the fowls get a share, but if there is any cold in the birds then the water is the best medium for giv- ing to them. It will easily be understood that when birds have colds they will nearly always be drinking, consequently those most affected will take most water and therefore most medicine. This comes from the feverish state of the body, and no one should give powder or pills without thinking of these things. For colds there is noth- ing better than a Roup Powder with the brand of Water Rat, though where the name comes in I cannot say. All I know is that it is most effect- ive and can be put in the drinking water. Though not a believer in endless expense there is nothing like having a good house. Do not pay for fancy work, but have one for use with plenty of room and ventilation and a sound roof. Really there are so many houses about which do not keep the stock dry, and the wind can almost blow through the wood, so how can these prove serviceable. Paint comes out all right and looks smart, but gas tar well boiled and put on hot looks well and lasts a long time and is much cheaper.

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