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Nonconformist Unity.


Nonconformist Unity. REV. J. H. HHAXEapEARE'S PROPOSAL. The policy to be adopted by the National Free Church Council in carrying forward the proposals of the Rev. J. H. Shakespeare, M.A., for a United Free Church of England, says the "West- minster Gazette," will include an approach to the executive bodies of the denominations, as well as the inculcation of the idea of union into the minds of rank^pd-file Free Churchmen. Mr Shakespeare's proposal is first for the establish- ment of a United Board, to be composed of lead- ing representatives from the Free Churches, at which general guiding principles might be adopt- ed. As a corollary, he suggests local bodies form- ed from the Free Churches in the district, which should discuss matters pertinent to union in their own immediate locality. During his year of office he hopes to assist in creating the atmosphere for union by means of conferences throughout the country. So far as the beginning is concerned, Mr Shakespeare is satisfied, especially in view of important support that has been promised him privately on 'behalf of the scheme. We have re- ceived assurances that the proposals for a United Free Church of England are designed with one great object, viz., to strengthen the Free Church- es for their essential witness to the great ideals of the Christian religion. Neither numbers nor posi- tion have tempted Mr Shakespeare to undertake a campaign which only time and patience can bring to successful fruition. The Free- Churches are struggling to achieve a corporate expression of their substantial unity of aims and doctrine and to place in their proper relationship all that is ac- cidental to their real mission. Unexpressed in public but none the less effective is the desire for a- better understanding between themselves and the Established Church. If some bond of union could be found for the Free Churches the pros- pects of common work with the Anglican Church would be increased..



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