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Children's Eisteddfod

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Rhayader Tribunal. I

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Rhayader Resignation.



I AGRICULTURAL APPEALS TO COLWYN'S TRIBUNAL. NUMEROUS TEMPORARY EXEMPTIONS. Mr H. Evan-Thomas (chairman) presided at Colwyn Tribunal on Monday. Others present were Messrs. Thomas Davies (Vronolau), Edwin Davies (Wernhusmon), Wm. Protheroe (Glan- nant), T. L. Vaugha,n (Llandrindod) and W. W. Lennard (clerk). Major Aubrey Thomas repre- sented the military authorities. In respect to the appeal of Mr Alfred Meredith (Castle Crab), the employer. Mr Bowen, said he farmed 300. ac.res of land, 25 of which was under the plough, and Mr Meredith was the only mam he had on the land. Exemption was granted till March 21st, and, as the man was unattested, he would not be required till May 21st. Mr Thomas Jones (Crossway, Cregrina), rural postman, appealed for exemption on the grounds of defective eyesight, and his case was adjourned for medical examination. Mr Thomas Morgan (Latho, Cregrina) appeal- ed on the ground that he was the only man on a farm of 43 acres, and of which 8 or 9 were under cultivation. The only other person on the farm was a house-keeper. The chairman, announcing the decision, said he would be exempted till called upon by the military authorities. Miss Price (Tygwyn, Llandrindod) applied in respect to Mr Arthur Owen, remarking that he was the only man on her farm, which was managed by herself and sister. Absolute exemption was granted as long as the man remained in their em- ployment. The application of the employer of Mr Charles Wright (Dolfawr) was next considered, and ex- emption was granted to May 13th. Three months' exemption was granted to Mr Thomas Jones (Matts Cottage). Mr Stephen Hamer (Noyaddllwyd, Llanfaredd) appealed on behalf of his employee, Mr Henry Rees Powell, and exemption was granted till May 15th. Mr Middleton (Penhankan, Disserth) appealed for his son, aged 20 years, and absolute exemp- tion was in his case granted. Mr Morga.n (Smithfield, Builth Road), on be- half of his son, Edward Ernest, applied for ex- exemption from service. Mr Morgan said that if his son were ta.ken he would have to give up the land. Exemption to May 15th was agreed to. .?,fr Fi-.in Prjc(, (oceii Mr Evan Price (occupier of Rhiwlas. lllan, faredd) was granted absolute exemption, as, also, was Mr J. Jones (Dolberthog, Llandrindod). The latter's employee, Mr Chas. Moss, was givkn to March 21st. Mr Wm. Albert Evans (Edw View, Cregrina) was granted absolute exemption, and, in the majority of the other remaining cases, exemptions were only granted till May 15th.


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