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Rhayader Tribunal. I

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Rhayader Resignation.


Rhayader Resignation. I Clerk for Forty Years. I COUNCILLORS PAY WELL-DESERVED TRIBUTE. ALLEGED ENCROACHMENT. Mr B. P. Lewis (chairman) presided at Rhav- ader Rural District Council on Wednesday. Others present were Rev. D. L. Thomas and Messrs. David Davies, John Evans, William Evans, John Jones (Cwmcamddwr), John Jones (Llanwrthwl), Evan Morgan, David Mills, Ed- ward Price, Evan Price, Thomas Stephens, E. E. Thomas, G. M. Jarman (clerk), J. Powell (sur- veyor) and R. Worthing (sanitary inspector). A letter was read from the Local Government Board, asking the council to release all medical men of military age, employed by the council, so as to enable them to join the colours. The chairman remarked they were at present very short of medical men in that district, as they had only one left, and he had to cover a very wide area. The clerk was asked to inform the Board ac- cordingly. The chairman remarked that, whilst on his way to the meeting, he received intimation that their clerk had made up his mind to resign, and then proceeded to read a letter from Mr Jarman, in which he desired to relinquish his post as clerk, after having the honour to serve them for a large number of years. He also thanked them for the great kindness they had always shown him during his term of office. The chairman, continuing, re- gretted the fact that Mr Jarman had made up his mind to sever his connection with the council. He had served as clerk to the Board of Guardians, and, a-Iso, to the council for nearly 40 years, and, as chairman of the council, he wished to say that no one regretted Mr Jarman's resignation more than he did. They were all of one mind that Mr Jarman had been an excellent clerk, and his books were always well kept, as was testified by the District Auditor. If any question of importance came before the council, they always acted right if they proceeded in accordance with the clerk's instructions. He was afraid it was useless endea- vouring to prevail upon the clerk to continue in -office, and he felt glad to say he was retiring with the best wishes of the council, and hoped he would live in their midst for many a long year. (Ap- plause.) Mr Edward Price associated himself with what Mr Lewis had said. A more efficient clerk than Mr Jarman no authority required He had known Mr Jarman many years, but since he be- came a member of the Board of Guardians he had come in closer touch with him, and always found him courteous and kind. He felt truly sorry he had resigned.. Mr David Davies said he could endorse every word said with reference to Mr Jarman, and felt they were losing an excellent servant. They all regretted parting with him. Rev. D. L. Thomas remarked that, as a new member of the council, he was pleased to sup- port what had been said. It was realty a. land- mark in the history of that authority as well as in the history of Mr Jarman. He did not know whether Mr Jarman had made up his mind not to re-consider his decision, and he felt disposed to suggest he should be asked to re-consider his resig- nation. Mr Jarman observed that he was unable to re- consider his decision. It was, indeed, a great wrench for him to sever his connection with the council, and, also, with his kind and old friends. He was sincerely sorry to part with them. Mr J. Jones (Llanwrthwl) tendered his resig- nation as a member of Rhayader Tribunal, stat- ing he was unable to attend the meetings. The chairman said he was sorry Mr Jones was unable to act. Rev. D. L. Thomas proposed that Mr E. Thomas (Doliago) should be appointed. The chairman said Mr Thomas's name was mentioned at last meeting, but, owing to the fact that he was a member of the Advisory Commit- tee for Llanwrthwl, his name was withdrawn. Mr Thomas remarked that he had been ap- pointed on the advisory committee some time ago, but that the committee had not been called together, the military representative having done the work without consulting the committee. Mr Edward Price seconded the appointment of Mr Thomas, providing he would resign from the advisory committee. Mr Thomas agreed to resign, and was appointed to act on Rhaya-der Tribunal. Mr Powell (Cage End, Llanyre) appeared be- fore the council with regard to a. certain alleged encroachment near his house at Llanyre. He said he had received a letter from the council re- lative to the alleged encroachment. It was true he erected a. shed on a. piece of waste ground near his place, but he was not aware the ground was public. He was prepared to pay the annual ac- knowledgment mentioned by the council. The surveyor said he had received complaints from Mr Lewis (Llanyre) that the. shed was on public property. The council agreed that the building should re- main, Mr Powell to pay an annual sum of 2/6. The surveyor reported that Mr Price Rogers (Llanyre) had diverted a certain water-course near his land at Llanyre, and the council gave orders to the surveyor to have the old water-course open- ed up.



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