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Children's Eisteddfod

IDeath of Mr. J. T. Southall,…

I Knighton Soldier

Rhayader Tribunal. I


Rhayader Tribunal. I CONDITIONAL AND TEMPORARY EXEMPTIONS. A meeting of the District Tribunal was held in the Magistrates' Room, Rhay- ader, on Saturday. There were present Mr B. P. Lewis, J.P., C.C., chairman, Mr E. Mor- gan, J.P., recruiting officer, Mr Graham Clark, J.P., military representative for Llanwrthwl, Messrs. D. Davies, J.P., E. Jones, J.P., D. The mas, J. Jones, E. Price, R. Worthing and G. R-ees. The interest in the proceedings was unabated, the room in the afternoon being crowded. Alto- gether 53 cases of appeals were considered. -Mr J. Jones, agent, appealed on behalf of the sawyer for the estate. He was allowed 3 months. Mr Lewis, Claerwen, appealed for his shepherd, who had charge of over 2,000 sheep, conditional exemption. Mr Pugh, Brondrefawr, farming 940 acres. 340 of which were enclosed, appealed for exemption for his 3 sons, T. Pugh, W. Pugh. S. Pugh, and for his general workman, J. Bounds, the last claim was disallowed, T. Pugh temporary till the 20th May, W. Pugh conditional, and S. Pugh who is in delicate health, conditional ex- emption. Mr Meredith, Hendy, who has a son in France, appealed for his 2 men, granted tem- porary till 20th May. Mr Griffiths, Tyfana, Ab- bey-ewmhir, appealed forson,granted conditionally. Mr Lewis, Fishpool, for his son, waggoner, grant- ed conditional. Mr Rees, member of the Tri- bunal, appealed for his only workman, granted conditionally. Mrs Jones, Gigrin, appealed for exemption for her 3 sons, one already being in the army; Oliver Jones granted exemption, Sidney and Arthur Jones adjourned. Mr Harrier, Green- field, Penybont, appealed for his son, farm bai- liff on the estate, there were 7 men working be- sides carpenters, 3 of whom were of military age. But his son had offered himself to the Welsh Guards, but was rejected as medically unfit for foreign service, but he could be accepted for home service, but he (the father) considered that he was of more service on the land than to home military service, and he was willing any time to be medically examined again, granted conditional exemption. Mr Hainer, Esgir Fawr, sought ex- emption for his 2 sons, one was granted condi- tionally, the other temporary exemption. Mr Price, Cetlos, appealed for waggoner, granted temporary exemption. Mr B. Williams, Cwmclyd, who has sole management of the farm, his father being an invalid, appealed for himself, granted conditional exemption. Mr Jenkins, Dolou Jenkin, for wag- goner, granted conditional. Mr Farmer, Grigin, Rhayader, for himself, granted until April 15th. Mr E. Jones, of the Tribunal, on behalf of his waggoner, granted temporary May 20th. Mr Powel, Carntuadd, on behalf of his waggoner, granted temporary and no appeal. Mr Price, J.P., Nantgwyn, Neuadlwyd, on behalf of his waggoner, granted temporary till May 1st. Mr David Jones, Llidiardau, St. Harmon, created a diversion, for lo from St. Harmon, appeared one who could not speak English, a thorough bred monoglot Welshman. His evidence was inter- preted 'by the Rev. D. Maldwyn Jones. He ap- pealed for his son, who was granted temporary exemption. Mr Hughes, Neudda-, for waggoner, granted temporary exemption. Mr Jones, New- bridge, appealed on behalf of one of her husband's workmen, a shoe smith, who was working shoes for the army, claim not allowed, but they could appeal to military authorities. Mr J. Price Pugh, St. Harmon, conscientious objection, exempt from combatant service. Mr Davies, The Park, for shepherd of Penrochor, allowed temporary exemp- tion. Mr D. Pritchard, Pistjllgwyn, general workman, allowed conditional exemption. Mr Davies, Faldlas, general workman, allowed con- ditional exemption. Mr Lewis, Gilfach, for his son, one son in the army, of whom no tidings heard since last September, granted conditionally. Mr Williams, Upper Llwyn, appealed for his son, granted conditional exemption. Mr Jones, Coed- mynach, appealed for his son, granted conditional exemption. Mr Jones, Bryn, for his only work- man, granted conditional exemption. Mr A. Lloyd, Gilfach, appealed for his waggoner, grant- ed temporary exemption till May 20th. Mr T. Lewis, Werncynydd, appealed for his waggoner, granted temporary exemption May 20th. Mr Owen, Troedrhiwdrain, appealed for his shep- herd, granted conditional exemption. Mr Price, appealed for his waggoner, granted temporary ex- emption. Mr Lewis, Glanela.n, appealed for his son J. R. Lewis, his cowman, his other son, Mr Pugh Lewis having rejoined the colours, granted conditional exemption. Mr Lewis, Glyn, son of Mr Lewis, Glanelan, appealed for himself, grant- 'N lr Ster)liens, Glan- ed conditional exemption. Mr Stephens, Glan- llyn, appealed for his waggoner, granted tem- porary exemption. Mr Lewis, Hendre, appealed for his waggoner, granted temporary exemption. Mr J. D. Evans, Wern, appealed for his 2 sons, he himself working much of his time on the road, one conditional exemption, other claim disallow- ed. J. Lloyd, Bryncanol, claimed .for himself as small-holder and supporter of parents, claim disallowed. Mr B. P. Lewis claimed for his man Alfred Keylock, allowed temporary till May 20th.

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Rhayader Resignation.



ILate Mr Richard Morgan.I

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