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-1 That "Liverish" State.:

King and War Cripples. I

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. County Insurance. I I

I Builth Guardians' Patriotism.…


I Builth Guardians' Patriotism. I I BOARD ROOM FOR HOSPITAL. I I INCREASE FOR OUT-DOOR POOH. I In the unavoidable absence of the chairman, Mr Thomas Da vies (Vronolau) Mr H. Evan- Thomas presided over the last meeting of Builth Board of Guardians. Present also were Revs. David Owen, D. Lewis Davies and Lewis James, and Messrs. J. O. Bufton, J. Jones, Edward Owen. David Davies. Isaac Thomas, Joshua Price, Thomas Pugh, Roger Evans, Rees Jones, S. G. Tulk, Isaac Davies, J. L. Davies and W. W. Lennard (clerk). Mr C. W. Woosnam wrote regretting inability to attend, owing to the fact he had to go to London that day, and expressed the hope that someone would move the motion down to his name on the agenda, "that on account of the in- creased cost of living, all cases of out-door relief in this Union be considered 'and revised if neces- sary. Mr J. O. Button said it seemed to him the re- solution was quite a fair one, and, if carried, the guardians would be able to deal with each case on its merits. They were at present all aware 5/- would not produce as much now as two yea.rs ago. They could purchase at present with 5/- only what they could have purchased then with 3/6. He then moved the resolution. Rev. David Owen seconded, and the resolu- tion was carried. The following were also ap- pointed to consider the cases, viz., Revs. D. Lewis Davies. Lewis James and S. H. Wenham, and Messrs. H. Evan Thomas, Thomas Davies (Vronolau). J. L. Davies, Isaac Thomas, James Jones and Joseph Pritchardr Tenders were accepted as follows :—Meat, Mrs A. Davies and Sons: boots, Messrs. Gilbert Eadie and 'Sons; provisions. Messrs. W. Price and Co.. Ltd.; and men's clothing, Messrs. Dug- gan Bros. The tender of Mr H. r. Price (Lion Hotel) for the supply of a motor-car to take inmates to Tal- garth Asylum, at 9d per mile, was accepted. The clerk reported he had appealed, on behalf of the Board, to the Local Tribunal to exempt Mr D. J. Pugh (relieving officer) from military service till April 20th. so as to enable him to bal- ance up his books before he joined the Army. Mr Joshua Price asked what was being done with the cases of other officials? The chairman said they had appealed for the deputy-clerk. Mr Price thought the Board should also appeal on behalf of Mr Pugh. Mr Pugh very patriotically said he did not wish the Board to appeal on his behalf, as there were two brothers at home, and 'he felt he should go. The deputy-clerk remarked that it was neces- sary to make some arrangement for Mr Pugh's successor before he went. as it would be a great assistance for the new officer if he were able to take up office a fortnight or so before Mr Pugh went. Mr Edward Owen asked if one of Mr Pugh's sisters would undertake the work? Mr Pugh observed that one of his sisters put in as much time as she could spare at the Builth Military Hospital, and, therefore, she could not do so. He further stated that the workhouse master would take charge of some of his work. Mr William Prothero said they could appeal for j their relieving-officer. Mr J. L. Davies observed he would be sorr* v to have to part with Mr Pugh. but they werenot justified in endeavouring to prevent anvone from joining the Army. The clerk read a letter from Mrs Spencer, ask- ing the Board if they could make arrangements to give up the Board Room to the Red Cross So- ciety for the purpose of extending the accommo- dation of the Red Cross Hospital, so as. to in- crease the number of soldiers from 12 to 18. Mr p. Evan-Thomas said the Rev. S. H. Wenham was willing to give the use of Church Hal! for the Board meetings, and now they were only meeting monthly it would not be required very often. The meetings of the Tribunals, I however, would have to be held at Church Hall. He considered it would be quite as convenient to have the Tribunal meetings there as at the Board Room. The Board resolved to grant the use of the room for six months.' j

Farmers and Labour. I

Aberedw Concert.


Crickadarn's Church. I


Tretower Tea.

Builth's Hospital.

Hay Council's Estimates.

Brecon Wesleyan Church.





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