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-1 That "Liverish" State.:

King and War Cripples. I

Women on the Land.I



. County Insurance. I I


County Insurance. I Breconshire Committee Meet. I I THE MILEAGE GRANT. 1 POSITION OF DEPOSIT CONTRIBUTORS. A meeting of the Breconshire Insurance Com- mittee was held in the Shire Hall, on Wednes- day the 15th March, when Mr W. S. Miller, J.P. (chairman) presided, and there was a good attend- ance of members. The principal business was to receive a report upon the mileage grant for 1914. At a previous meeting, the committee had under consideration a scheme suggested by the Panel Committee for the division of JE425, which the Commissioners had allocated to the Breconshire area. The committee rejected the scheme of the Panel Committee, which embraced a capitation fee of 1/4 per mile outside the three miles, with ad- ditional grants to practitioners whose patients were resident in sparsely populated or inacceasable places. And the chairman undertook to submit an amended scheme, based upon a graduated scale of payment at an approximate grant of Up to an average of 1 mile {over the first 3 miles), 8d; 2 miles, 1/ 2 to 3 miles, 1/4; 3 to 4 miles, 1/8; 4 to 5 miles, 2/ or any modification of these amounts. It was this scheme of the chairman's, which varied only in a few particulars from the practi- tioner's scheme, but which was based upon a set- tled principle, that came under discussion on Wednesday. The chairman moved that the resolution he had moved at the last meeting be amended, Dr. Francis raised objection to this, and was supported by Dr. A. E. Jones, of Crickhowell. Ultimately the meeting voted in favour of the principle of the chairman's scheme, and it was adopted. The scheme was then introduced and read by the clerk. Mr Trevor Richards raised the point that no provision had been made in the scheme for prac- titioners whose patients resided in difficult or in- accessible places within the three miles, and gave instances where the doctors had to attend such cases at considerable inconvenience. The chairman admitted that the scheme did not include such cases, and eventually it was agreed that the scheme be amended in this direction, and that the chairman should submit the amendments to a sub-committee, who should be given power to adopt and to order the payments to doctors. The Position of Deposit Contributors. I Mr A. J. Glover raised this question by notice of motion, and he moved the following resolution That in the opinion of this committee all deposit contributors should now be required to become members of an approved society, and for this purpose should, in the case of under-averaged lives, be provided with such additional reserve value as will enable an approved society to 'accept them as members without incurring undue risk or loss." The motion was agreed to. Times of Meetings. The chairman had it DutiCe of motion as to the ? ].our?; of nieetin' but agreed to defer the matter ?ntH the next meeting.

I Builth Guardians' Patriotism.…

Farmers and Labour. I

Aberedw Concert.


Crickadarn's Church. I


Tretower Tea.

Builth's Hospital.

Hay Council's Estimates.

Brecon Wesleyan Church.





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