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-1 That "Liverish" State.:

King and War Cripples. I

Women on the Land.I


Women on the Land. I FARMERS' DIFFICULTIES IN RADNORSHIRE. Important matters affecting agriculture in Rad- norshire were discussed at a meeting of Knighton War Agricultural Sub-Committee on Thursday, presided over by Mr Evan Kinsey, J.P. The county organiser (Mr D. Thomas, Builth Wells) said that while the object of these com- mittees waa to maintain and increase the supply of farm produce as far as possible, the farmers had a big problem to solve in the labour question. The county committee had resolved to form a commit- tee to ascertain how much women labour could be obtained for the farms. The clerk read a circular from the President of the Board of Agriculture, suggesting that the shortage might be met by mutual help among farmers, by the transfer of employees, by an ar- rangement with the military for soldiers to assist in farm work, by women workers, or by arranging with the education authorities for boys to leave school at an earlier age, and by obtaining assist- ance through the Labour Exchanges. Mr J. Stevens It looks to me as if farmers are to go to the dogs. Women labour will be practi- cally useless on some of our farms. Rev. E. Lew Is Jones Do not give up the ghost yet. (Laughter.) You should get prisoners of war. Mr Bache They (German prisoners) are get- ting as fat as pigs at Shrewsbury. They ought to be employed-it would be better for the men themselves. Mr Green-Price thought they could not settle anything until the county committee had come to a decision as to what labour was available. Mr Bache referred to the all-round work which women were doing on farms in Cardiganshire. One lady, in showing him a horse, trotted it up and down. She wore cloggs and short petticoats. and could run like a lamp-lighter. (Laughter). He saw scores of them only the previous day doing men's work. Rev. Lewis Jones thought they should have more knowledge with regard to soldiers be- ing obtained for work on the farms, and, also, with respect to prisoners of war. One woman farmer in the Northhadheeo asked by a Labour Exchange for the characters of her dairymaids in connection with munitions, and from another Labour Exchange she was asked if she would take women workers in. This woman's difficulty wa.s that the munition factories paid wages for women with which she could not compete. He moved that the meeting considered it desirable for speak- ers to be sent to different centres in the county to address public meetings on various matters deal- ing with the labour question. Mr T. B. Dove seconded. He thought the Radnorshire women only needed a little encour- agement to do men's work. The resolution was carried. On the motion of Mr Wm. Watkins it was re- solved to ask for three tenant farmers to be add- ed to the Appeal Tribunal.



. County Insurance. I I

I Builth Guardians' Patriotism.…

Farmers and Labour. I

Aberedw Concert.


Crickadarn's Church. I


Tretower Tea.

Builth's Hospital.

Hay Council's Estimates.

Brecon Wesleyan Church.





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