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I Brecon and Radnor Farmers

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Brecon Chamber of Trade,



PENOYRE RED CROSS HOSPITAL. I Sir,—We wish to thank very gratefully the fol- lowing kind friends for gifts sent to the Hospital Sheets, pillows and bolster cases, and towels, from Cefn Ladies' Working Party, sent by Miss Violet Jones, Cilsanws scarves sent by the Misses Jones; eggs and apples from Mrs Jones, Tyfry, Llanfrv- n?,rh eggs from Mrs Cole-Hamilton, Llan- ga tack Rectory; vegetables, Mrs Garnons Wil- liams eggs and vegetables, Cantref Parish, Mrs Saunders Jones; eggs, Mrs D. Williams; eggs, Mrs Davies, Groes; bread, eggs, jam, books, Miss Vaughan; potatoes, Mr D. Phillips; chicken, Mrs Vau«han; two chickens, Mrs T. Jones, Llwyncelyn; eggs and jam, Mrs Price Jones; milk and apples, Miss Griffith, Battle End; milk and eggs, Miss Morgan, Ynismoch; eggs, Miss Davies, Cwmwysg, collected in Sennybridge and Aberyski, r district; eggs, Corporal Evanson; ap- ples, illbs. butter, eggs, collected in the market by Miss Best. Chickens are the greatest help for the sick and we are extra grateful to our friends who send them. Mrs Graham Clarke very kindly came up and sang for us on Friday, anti the patients and staff think it was very kind of her and Lady Pelly to come up on such an arctic day.-Yours, &c., ALICE M. deWINON, March 13th. Commandant. (Through an oversight, this did not reach us till after we had gone to Press last weqk.) b73 Dear Sir,—Will you kindly allow this expression of grateful thanks to appear in this week's "Bre- con and Radnor Express." There are so many kind friends to thank I fear it may trespass on your space. Our friends in Cantref and Llanfry- nach parishes are supporting most splendidly their V.A. detachment which is now on duty at the' hospital :Cantref parish, 51-; Mrs Watkins, Cefn Cantref, potatoes; Mrs Evans, Tycue, eggs, cigarettes and oranges; Mrs Williams, Cwm- cwnyn; Llanfrynach parish, per Miss Faith de Winton, eggs; Mrs Davies, Pentwyn, Mrs Dav- ies, Tynllwyn, Mrs Evans, Caerau, Mrs Larkin, Mrs Bottom, Mrs de Winton, eggs and potatoes; Mrs Price, Tregare, eggs and butter; Miss Dav- ies, Penmaen, potatoes; Mrs Walters, East View, eggs, vegetables and cigarettes; school children, rabbits and eggs; Mrs Powell, Pentwyn, cigar- ettes; Mrs de Winton, marmalade, vegetables, cake, eggs; Mrs Randall and Misses de Winton, Tymawr; Mrs Bolton, 2/ Miss Haines, 1/ Miss Price, 1/ Miss Davies, 1/ Miss Thomas, 1/ this money to buy chickens for which we are specially grateful. The Rev. Hilary Lewis, vegetables, nuts; a kind friend, papers; Jack and Blake Larkin, matches, bread, cigarettes and swedes; Mrs Jones, Tyfry, eggs a,nd bananas, oranges, cigarettes, matches; Mrs Williams, Brynich, 12 Cardigan jackets; Miss Evans, Llan- sandffread, eggs; Mrs Mitchell, honey, cigarettes, matches, papers; Sister Blanche and Miss M. de Winton, eggs; National egg collection, per Mrs Cole Hamilton, Llangattock; eggs, Aberyskir parish, per Miss Davies; Mrs Curtis. chicken and butter, scarves and shoes; Llansaintffraed, parish, 4 small pillows, 12 pillow cases; Lla.n- gasty parish, vegetables; Mrs Evans, Ffrwd- grech, milk daily; The Hon. Mrs Parry de Win- ton, eggs; Miss Davies, Cwmwysg, vegetables; Mrs Garnons Williams Miss Best, stall in Brecon I market, Illbs. butter and magazines. The pat- ients and staff also wish to thank Miss Davies and I the members of the Old Gjrls, Brecon County School Association for the very excellent enter- I tainment they kindly provided for our amusement I on Saturday, March 18th, the whole programme was much enjoyed. A handsome collection of shells has been, must kindly given to the hospital, to he raffled for. by Mr Bown tickets fid each, to be obtained either I from Mr Bown, High street, or the hospital. I Apples, oranges, cigarettes, potatoes, turnips, from Mrs Morgan, Llanfrynean, Llanfrynach; 5j-, Miss Davies, Tymawr, 2 chickens, Mrs Jones, [ Pentwyn, Llanaefaelog; -2 mattresses. Mr D. Price, High street, Brecon.—Yours truly. t ALICE M. DE-WINTON.

r Brecon Rural Tribunal

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I Brecon and Radnor Farmers

r Brecon Rural Tribunal

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