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I Brecon and Radnor Farmers

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Brecon Chamber of Trade,


Brecon Chamber of Trade I Help Prisoners of War. INTERESTING STATEMENT. A "BRECKNOCK" AT CONSTANTINOPLE. Mr Sam Garratt, chairman of the Prisoners of War Committee, made an interesting report to the Brecon Chamber of Trade on Tuesday evening, regarding the parcels which the members of the Chamber are sending to prisoners of war iu Germany and Turkey. Mr Garrett said that since the last meeting they had had four replies acknow- ledging receipt of parcels, and they also had had one parcel returned from Germany with the infor- mation that the prisoner had been removed to another camp. The committee had received infor- mation of this prisoner's change of address from Mrs Sturt, and they were about to send another parcel to the man at his new address when this parcel came to hand, and so it was redirected. The committee, said Mr Garratt, had received a letter from a lady at Ludlow, asking for information of Private Plevy, who was taken prisoner in the fight at Aden. Pte. Plevy, a member of the Brecknucks, it seemed had been taken to Constantinople, and his friends had never been able to trace him. But he (Mr Garratt) found that this committee had been sending him parcels since January 24th, and he had written to Plevy telling him what the committee had been doing, but they had not yet had a reply They had been sending parcels to Constantinople since De- cember 4th to another man, who wrote to say that he had received the committee's notification of the parcel being sent but not the parcel. He (Mr Garratt) suggested that they should send another parcel or two to Pte Plevy since he was one of their local men. The other man referred to was Private J. Morgan. It was pointed out in the course of dirmcussion that the postal arrangements had been badly dis- organised in the near East during the last few months, and it was decided to send another two parcels to each of these men who are at Constanti- nople. Give Him His Due. Mr Oscar Watkins By whom was the parcel we sent to Germany returned ? Mr Garratt: The postal authorities in Germany sent it back. Mr Watkins: I think that is a fact that should be made public since it is of interest to us. I know one or two people in the town who did not believe that the parcels would ever get to prisoners in Germany at all. It is a case of giving the Devil his due"—(hear, hear and laughter)-and it does much to establish confidence. Mr W. J. Knight (secretary) said that Mr Morris, grocer, who was commissioned by the committee to send the parcel said the box had been opened but the whole of the contents arrived back intact. (Hear, hear). The Late Mr. Gwynne Holford. I Mrs Gwynne Holford acknowledging a vote of I condolence passed by the Chamber on the death of Mr Gwynne Holford, conveyed her own and her daughter's most deep and sincere thanks for their kind expression of condolence to them in their great loss. My husband's affection for Brecon and its surroundings," she wrote, were great as you all know." Advertising the Fairs. Mr W. H. Gimson, reporting on the work of the Fairs Committee, said the fixture cards had been printed and had been circulated in a large number of towns at placemfrequerited by Cattle Dealers. Mr Oscar Watkins congratulated the committee upon their work which they had done very thoroughly. They deserved the Chamber's thanks and congratulations upon the success of their efforts. Mr David Morgan What is wanted very much is to get the horse fair near the Cattle Market. We shall never get much of a horse fair until we get that. Mr Watts (who occupied the chair in the un- avoidable absence of Mr Hando, the President), said farmers who had seen the list had expressed their satisfaction, and were delighted with the committee's work. A discussion arose of improving the horse fair, and Mr Gimson, chairman of the committee, was asked to have an unofficial talk with prominent members of the Farmers' Union on the subject. Miscellaneous. I Mr Roy Parry was appointed to fill a vacancy on the General Committee. Messrs A. J. Hando and F. W. Tyler, who are serving with the forces at present, and Mr H. Ll. Griffiths were proposed and elected new members.


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I Brecon and Radnor Farmers

r Brecon Rural Tribunal

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