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I Brecon and Radnor Farmers

The County Schools.


The County Schools. BRECON GOVERNORS' RECOMMEN- DATIONS FOR LONGER -STAY OF PUPILS. There were present at the Brecon County School, Governors, on Tuesday, Prof. John Evans (vice- chairman), Mrs M. F. Thomas, Miss Bevan, Principal Lewis, Rev. Hilary Lewis, Rev. D. Saunders Jones, Rev. T. C. Richards, Messrs. Edward Butler, Evan Morgan, J. L. Davies and T. J. Parry (clerk). Changes in Teaching Staff. I Of three assistant-masters eligible for enlist- ment at the Boys' County School, the clerk re- ported that the headmaster had received a letter from the Board of Education that two who were medically unfit for general service would, by the a-ssent of the. military authorities, be retained, but in the case of the third it was decided by the Board that there was no case to go to the Army Council, and as a result the mathematical master had been called up and had left. The headmaster said to fill this vacancy he had appointed temporarily Mr H. W. Midgeley, B.A., Emmanuel College. Cambridge, who was senior optime in the Mathematical Tripos in 1888. and was formerly assistant-master at Swansea Gram- mar School. The Governors confirmed the appointment. The headmistress also reported the appointment of Miss Bunney, Liverpool, as domestic science mistress at the Girls' School, and the appointment was confirmed. Miss Olive Tyler, senior prefect, who assisted the teaching staff for three weeks, was voted a remuneration of 30/- for her services, the head- mistress saying she had been extremely helpful at a time when the staff was depleted through the illness of one or two of the assistant-mistresses. I Parents and the Agreement. The clerk reported that two boys, who were awarded internal scholarships 18 months ago, had left the school without their parents giving the necessary notice. He had received letters from the respective parents giving their reasons. One of the parents pointed out that he had paid the tuition fees for two terms. The other parent said that until a short while ago he was totally ignor- ant that it was necessary to give formal notice. The clerk said in both cases the boys were re- commended internal scholarships. and when ac- cepting them the parents entered into an agree- ment which specified a certain period of notice be- fore they could be withdrawn from the school. By the agreement the Governors could compel them to pay the full fee. Principal Lewis I presume you explain to par- ents what that form means. I cannot under- stand some parents attaching their names to forms like that without knowing what they are committing themselves to. The Clerl, This form of agreement has been in existence since the schools commenced. In this case, being internal scholarships, it would be half the amount, £ '3 5s. The Governors decided to remit part of the fees and demand payment of a Is 8d. The Chairman I think something should be done to make the contents of these forms of agree- ment thoroughly known to parents before they sign. We have these things cropping up con- tinually and parents plead ignorance. I Pupils' Length of Stay. The sub-committee appointed to report on the length of stay of pupils in the schools recommen- ded that a stamped agreement should be entered into with the parent that the pupil should attend school for a period of three years, and in default the parent should be required to pay a penalty of t,3, and that the tuition fee of paying pupils should be J64 10s per annum. It was also recom- mended to ask the Education Committee to ap- prove of a scheme in the scholarship examin- ations under which junior candidates might re- ceive an age allowance of one per cent. of the marks they obtained each month. There were a large number of other recommendations concern- ing the question of the length of stay of pupils. Rev. T. C. Riehards contended that before such drastic alterations in the regulations were agreed upon they should be submitted to the managers of the contributory districts. Principal Lewis said this meeting of Governors had representatives of those districts, and the sub- committee had been duly appointed to report upon the matter to them. The whole, thing was per- fectly in order. Rev. T. C. Richards Mr Butler and myself have no right to come here and tie down the whole of the Governors of the Hay and Talgarth district to any scheme before we go back and consult them. Mr Butler The alterations are very drastic and I think they ought to be consulted. The Chairman Hadn't we better discuss the proposals and then if necessary submit them for further consideration. Rev. Hilary Lewis That is quite wrong. You are going to submit what you as Governors do to an inferior body. (Laughter.) Rev. T. C. Richards Oh Under no consider!, tion will I vote for this unless you submit them to the Hay and Talgarth, Crickhowell and other contributory districts. Whether they are infer- ior bodies or not. (Laughter). Of course, added Mr Richards, we don't belong to the aristocratic district of LIanfrynach. (Renewed laughter). Rev. Hilary Lewis I don't mean to say-you seem to take it as a matter of insult when I re- ferred to an inferior body, but you don't mean to tell us that Hay and Talgarth district committee are going to decide their way and over-ride the consideration of the Governors, when their repre- sentatives have been summoned to this meeting. Rev. T. C. Richards I never said anything at all about over-riding. I said "the House of Lords" (Laughter). Rev. Hilary Lewis You said nothing about the "House of Lords." (Renewed laughter). The Chairman I think we are quite in order and we might consider the report. Principal Lewis in the course of discussion gave a resume of the sub-committee's discussion and said the whole object was to encourage par- ents to keep their children in the schools for a longer period than at present was the case. County school education was not effective unless pupils made a stay for at least three years and that was the object when the schools were first started. witli Rev. T. C. Richards I thoroughly agree with the speech of Principal Lewis provided we get the parents to agree to this. I think it is absurd that pupils should come into the schools for just twelve months for in that case it is money spent in vain. But before you make that rule you should submit it to the governors of the different contributory districts. (Laughter). Mr Butler agreed and said he thought the Jre. commendations excellent. Principal Lewis In view of the fact that our friends from Hay and Talgarth have not had sufficient time to digest these recommendations, I move that we postpone the matter for a month. (Laughter). I do so simply for the reason that my friend Mr Richards should be able to under- stand them. (Renewed laughter). It was agreed to postpone the final adoption of the recommendations for one month.


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