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88a8 I ru EITHER fine penetrating I drizzle, nor the heaviest I I deluge can get through these I I coats. They are WATTS' I I Mackintoshes made with patent I cleared seams, a method which I welds the seams together and I makes the coat as If were I seamless. They are guaran- N I teed watertight and replaced I If proved faulty. Several 1 fhades. I 25/ 35 9. 47/6.  _???!e?? ?* "'—-  I TEI —  Opp si e B PvkE CO Monlimet } The Brecon & District Go-Operative Society, Ltd. j 11, SHIP STREET, BRECON. Does our Society charge more for goods than outside traders ? QualityVor Quality—emphatically NO. Every trader must sell one or two commodities cheaper than our Co-Opera- j tive Stores, but these are Lines," and are generally well advertised. We have no lines. NOTE and consider carefully these tundamental differences :— JI (a) The private tradesman is in business to make profit, the more profit he makes the more successful is he considered as a business man. Our Society is in business to supply the needs of its members, and whatever profit is made, dees not go into the pockets of the individual but is divided among the purchasing members. (b) You never know what profit is made by the private trader. We publish a balance sheet every quarter, duly audited and signed by a Public Auditor. (c) You have no control whatsoever over the profits or the quality or purity of goods supplied by the private trader. If a member with us you have absolute control over the whole business of the Society through a Management Committee democratically elected and responsible to you as shareholder and purchaser. I For terms of membership apply to Manager or Secretary. 'I Cambrian Railways Announcements. CANCELLATION OF PASSENGER TRAINS. Commencing on MONDAY, MARCH 20th, and until further notice, the 11-15 a.m. train WREXHAM TO ELLESMERE, and the 5-47 p.m. ELLESMERE TO WREXHAM will be DISCONTINUED. THE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES will be held at ABERYSTWYTH on AUGUST 16th, 17th and 18th, 1916. Particulars of Railway Arrangements will be announced in due course. BRITISH INDUSTRIES AND THE WAR. MANUFACTURERS AND INVESTORS contemplating the Establishment of New Industries as a result of the War, are invited to communicate with The Cambrian Railways Co., vrho have a large number of convenient and suitable Sites to offer with an abundant supply of water for generating motive power, admirably adapted for the erection of works factories, warehouses, and other Industrial Undertakings. The Company are prepared to assist in the establishment of such works by entering into arrangements for siding connections to be made with the railway, and will be pleased to obtain and furnish information as to suitable sites, siding facilities, rates for conveyance, etc. Applications should be made to :— S. WILLIAMSON, Oswestry, January 1916. GENERAL MANAGER. THE KINO, Castle Street, Builth Wells. GEO. M. HAND. 3 Mights Each Week, at o'clock, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. TUESDAY. THE BROKEN COIN THURSDAY. EXPLOITS of ELAINE ALL KINDS OF INSURANCES EFFECTED. U CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETTLED. AOBNT for several FIRST CLASS COMPAHIES. W. WILLIAMS, Accountant, Insurance, and General Agent, •8ENNYBRIDGE, & 6, BULWARK, BRECON. b794 I MISS MAY CAMPBELL, R.A.M., Medalist, certificated and trained in the Royal Academy of Music, London, now receives pupils for pianoforte, violin, counterpoint, harmony, theory, form, sight singing and ear training. i Pupils prepared for all examinations connected with the Royal Academy and Ral College of with tb?e Bau, Bum WeUe. music. f RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF BRECKNOCK. STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURE FOR THE HALF-YEAR ENDED 30TH SEPTEMBER, 1915. 1915. April 1st. £ s. d. ?s.d Balance from the previous half-year 1168 14 1 j April 1st, 1915, to Sapt. 30th, 1915- Contributions from Over- seers 2050 0 0 Grant under Agricultural 5 1 1 15 0 Rates Act, 1896 1)11 15 0 From Breconshire County Council in respect of County Roads and Bridges 118 12 0 From Water Rates for do- mestic purposes 64 14 6 For Special Expenses, viz. Parish of Maescar 100 0 0 „ Llanfillo 15 0 0 Llandefaelog-fach 15 0 0 Llanhamlach 6 13 10 Llangasty Taly- llyn 1 0 0 Ysclydach 0 7 6 "Llaufigan 1 0 0 ————— 139 1 4 Fees for Licences 0 5 0 Audit Stamp Refund 1 0 0 Subscription towards Aner- cynrog Bridge 5 0 0 ► .t  ? ? v I • «• I A V •• £4,059 1 11 ;C d. X d. I April 1st, 1915, to Sept. 30th, 1915 By Maintenance and Repair of District Roads 1736 7 0 Improvement of Dis- trict Roads. 13 0 0 Waterworks. 1 18 6 Sewerage Works 5 12 0 Fees for Lists of Births andDeaths. 4 10 6 Cost of Disinfectants 2164 Repayment of Loans- Principal 45 16 8 Interest 34 16 6 ————— 80 13 2 Establishment Charges 52 3 4 Audit Stamp 5 0 0 Salaries "292 10 0 National Health Insur- ance Contributions 14 19 8 Legal Expenses 3 0 0 Notification of Infec- tious Diseases 0 12 6 Repayment to Cray Parish Council overpaid last Half-Year 5 0 0 Miscellaneous Account 2 10 9 2220 13 9 Balances at the end of the half year- In hands of Treasurer 1834 8 2 Surveyors (W. Williams) 2 14 5 i (W.Joseph).. 2 15 11 ————— 1839 18 6 Less balance in favour of the Clerk 1 10 4 ——-—— 1 10 4 1838 8 2 JE4059 1 11 Audited and found correct, E. J. HILL, R. G. WOODYATT, District Auditor. Deputy Clerk to the Council. 17th March, 1916. b600 Tel.: P.O. 16. TAILOR-MADE I COSTUMES. > I Smart Cut. Beautifully Finished. Moderate Prices. Fit Guaranteed. Only Expert Workmen Kept. WRITE OR CALL FOR PATTERNS & PRICES. MORGANS LEWIS, Tailors, BRECON. Dale, Forty & Co. FAMOUS MODELS IN PIANOS. GURANTEED FOR- High Musical Quality. Perfection of Touch. Artistic Case Designs. Finish and Durability. Good Value for Money. Our Catalogue shows- Lowest Cash Prices, Low Scale of Gradual Payments. Dale, Forty & Co. LIMITED. High Street and Castle Arcade, CARDIFF. Telephone, 1103. br858 CHICKEN FOODS Buy the Best for Rearing from W. PRICE & Co., Ltd., The Stores, BUILTH WELLS. NEW STOCK JUST IN. EVERYTHING FOR THE FARMER. Is POULTRY SPICE IN 6d. TINS to help the hens lay. Will pay to buy now. CHEAP AND GOOD! HANDLEYS Pure Farmhouse Flour Only 49/- per 2801b. Carriage Paid. May be Dearer Next Week. SEED WHEAT, OATS, BARLEY in Variety. CLOVER and GRASS SEEDS Tested by Experts. Certificates can be seen. » To use our Seed is NO experiment. Quality —Second to None. Why pay fancy prices when you can get Maximum Quality at Minimum Price at home. A. Handley & Sons MILLERS & CORN MERCHANTS, Builth Wells, Rhayader & Erwood. I r- I 288 EGGS From One Bird in 12 Months. What the Owner Says about LIVERINE THE ORIGINAL FISH MEAL "I consider Liverine the Best Fish Meal on the market. As an Egg Producer it is unequalled." HENRY SUTTON, Hoole, Nr. Preston. 7-lb. Packets, I/4t. THE THE I ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ——— WEST BRECONSHIRE FIENERS' ISSOCIITIOX "WILL BE HELD AT BETHEL HALL, BRECON, on Friday next, at 1 p.m^ WHEN ——— Mr. STAPLEDON, of ABERSTWYTH IftLL DELIVER ——— A, LEOTUEB ON "GRASS LAND IN WALES." b608 THE Breconshire Sports Club, THE Annual General Meeting will be held in the Town Council Room, Brecon, On Tuesday, 28th March, next, at 7 p.m. punctually. BUSINESS: To Receive Accounts. To Consider Future Action. Any other business. W. F. PARRY deWINTON, b617 Acting Hon. Secretary. Y.M.C.A. Subscriptions, on behalf of the Y.M.C.A. funds, can be received at the "TETEpreee Offices, Brecon. I Official receipts are issued tp all dooora. fit26 PUBLIC NOTICES. Brecknockshire Sessions. TSjOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS OF THE PEACE FOR THE COUNTY OF BRECKNOCK will be held at the COUNTY HALL, BRECON, on TUESDAY, the 4th day of APRIL, 191(5, at 11-20 o'clock in the forenoon, at which time and place all persons summoned to serve on the Grand Jury, Prosecutors and Witnesses, must attend. At 11-30 o'clock the Justices will proceed to transact the County Business. All Petty Jurors, Appellants and Respon- dents, must attend in Court at 11-30 o'clock in the forenoon of the above mentioned day. HENRY F. W. HARRIES, I HENI'{Y F. W. HARRIES, I County Hall, Brecon. Clerk of the Peace. 13th March, 1916. b590 RADNORSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS OF THE PEACE FOR THE COUNTY OF RADNOR will be held at the SHIRE HALL, PRESTEIGN, on THURS- DAY, the 6th day of APRIL, 1916. The Court will be open at 11 o,clock in the forenoon. The Oaths of Qualification will be ad- ministered to such persons as are desirous of taking same. The Court will afterwards proceed to hear Appeals and other civil matters to be brought under its consideration as a Court of Justice, and to try Prisoners committed or held to bail for felony or misdemeanours. All Persons bound to prefer Bills of In- dictment must attend at the Clerk of the Peace's Office, at the Shire Hall, at 10 o'clock. HUGH VAUGHAN VAUGHAN, Llandrindod Wells. Clerk of the Peace. 16th March, 1916. br595 Hay Union. Hay Rural District Council, Bnedwardine Rural District Council, and Painscastle Rural District Council. T the Undersigned, hereBy give Notice, that the AUDIT for the half-year ended on the 30th day of December, 1915, of the Accounts of the above-mentioned Rural District Councils and of the above-mentioned Union and of the several Parishes therein, will commence at the Board- Room of the Guardians of the Poor of the said Union at Hay, on Monday the third day of April, 1916, at 10.30 o'clock in the forenoon. Dated this 18th day of March, 1916. (Signed) R. G. WOODYATT, District Auditor of the Herefordshire Audit b595 District. TENDERS & CONTRACTS. HAY UNION. CONTRACTS FOR PROVISIONS, CLOTHING, Etc. f PERSONS desirous of CONTRACTING with ■ the Board of Guardians of this Union for the SUPPLY of all or any of the undermentioned Articles, to be delivered at the Workhouse at such times and in such quantities as the Guardians may order or direct for the respective periods stated below, commencing the 1st day of April, 1916, are requested to send in sealed Tenders marked "Tender for and addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Guardians, at the BOARD ROOM, HAY, by ten o'clock a.m. on THURSDAY, the 30th day of MARCH instant, accompanied by samples of articles admitting thereof, viz. :— FOR THREE MONTHS. Bread, Flour, and Meat. FOR SIX MONTHS. Shaving and Hair Cutting. Grocery, New Milk. Coals-best Welsh and English Cobbles. Oak Cord wood. A portion of the Mutton and Grocery must be supplied to the order of the Relieving Officer of the Hay District, in small quantities, for out-door poor. FOR TWELVE MONTHS. Clothing—Boots and Shoes. Coffins for Workhouse and Hay District. The like for Glasbury District. Tenders from Talgarth for the supply of Mut- ton, Bread, Tea, Sugar, and Oatmeal in small quantities upon the order of the Relieving Officer of the Glasbury District for out-door poor. Also Tenders from Tradesmen in Hay and Tal- garth for Clothing and Boots for Boarded-Out Children upon the order of the Clerk. Any information as to the probable quantity of the several articles required may be obtained on application te the Master of the Workhouse. By Order of the Board, ROBERT T. GRIFFITHS, Hay Union Offices, CLERK. March 20th, 1916. N.B.—The lowest or any Tender will not neces- sarily be accepted. No Tender will be received but on the printed form provided by the Guardians to be obtained on application at the Clerk's or the Master's Office. b602 Herefordshire Agricultural Education Sub-Committee SITTINGS OF PURE BRED EGGS FOR COTTAGERS AND SMALL HOLDERS. THE Board of Agriculture has approved of MR. JOHN WILLIAMS, POUND COTTAGE, CLIFFORD, for the purpose of supplying pure bred White Wyandottes-eggs of special laying strain to cot- tagers and bona-fide Small Holders residing in the County at the very low price of 2/- per dozen. !•" You Sho. d not Miss tMe Chance. Orders should be sent direct to Mr Williams. Only stamped eggs should be acoepted. JOHN PORTER, Shirehall, Organiser of Agricultural 9 Hereford. Education. b570 Hampton Grammar School, GLASBURY-ON-WYE. Principal: Rev. D. C. Lloyd. Classics, Mathematics, Civil Service, Short- hand, Typewriting, Commercial Tmition, Pupils highly successful at London, Oxford Cambridge, and WaleF- Universities. Also in all public exams. For prospectus apply- Rev D. C. LLOYP, Glasbury-on-Wye AFOURNTNG and WEDDING CARDS and STATIONERY a speciality at the Express Offices, Brecon. 3/6 Garden Seeds 1/0 NEW, GENUINE, and TESTED. ON receipt of Postal Order for 1/6 or 20 stamps, we will send, post free, loz. each of Hollow Crown Parsnip, and selected Carrot, foZ. each of White Spanish Onion, Wheeler's Imperial Cab- bage, Savoy, Radish, Early Turnip, and 2 Packets of Broccoli (early and late); 1 Packet each of Let- tuce, Marrow, Cucumber; 6 Packets Choice Flower Seeds. Also for 1/- extra—1 Packet each Mustard, Cress, Beet, Pickling Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Leek, Cauliflower, Golden Ball Turnip; and with every 2/6 parcel we will send two grand novelties —A Packet of Quite Content Peas, an extraordin- ary variety producing pods 7in. in length, and a Packet of Red Giant Runner Beans—a magnificent variety, some pods attaining to 15 or 16 inches in length. THB ABOVE PARCELS OF FINEST QUALITY SEEDS FOR P.O. 2/6 OR 32 STAMPS. GROVES & SONS, SEED MERCHANTS, Piddletrenthide, Dorchester. 261p 2 M CARDEN SEEDS Oc RA 2s. 6d 0 Cottagers' Collection ?0'  The BEST VALUE and most RELIABLE SEEDS in the TRADE. 21 SORTS. Larger Collections 3/6, 5/ 7/6, and 10/6. PRIZE WINNER MANGOLBS, SWEDES, and TURNIPS. All Selected Stocks. Lane's LEVIATHAN Swede took FIRST PRIZE against a 1st Prize Winner last Season. Acknowledged by Growers to be the BEST SWEDE and Heaviest Cropper in Cultivation. TRY IT! CLOVERS, GRASSES, AND LAY DOWNS. Good Yearling Cowgrass 7d; good Yearly Red 6Jd. Samples and cash with order. LANE, Universal Provider, PETERCHURCH. 415

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