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Brecon Free Churches.

Cefn Burning Fatality.


I Talyllyn Funeral. I

tHeyope Concert.

Penybont Competitions.


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Late Mr Marmaduke Howell.…

Pontfaen Competitions. I

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IPantydwr Concert.


I Pantydwr Concert. CHILDREN'S PRIZES. MAYOR OF BRECON PRESIDES. A tea and concert were held at the Assembly Hall, Pantvdwr, on Thursday, in connection with the Green Chapel Sunday School, when a large number attended. That being the first ven- ture in this direction, the efforts of those in charge were well rewarded. The tea was kindly' given by Mr and Mrs E. W. Jones, Garmon View. The prizes given to the children were also collected by them, and the success of the concert was entirely due to the worthy J.P., who takes such interest and pains in training the choristers and reciters. Pantydwr should feel proud of their leader. Due praise should be given to the following, who so ably assisted, viz.. Messrs. J.\P. Ingram, T. Aber, W. Lewis, The Stores, and T. Lewis. Pyllau, to Miss Lewis, Garmon View, who collected gifts from friends, and Miss Matilda Ingram for so ably presiding at the organ. The Mayor of Brecon (Councillor G. T. Jones) presided and delivered an excellent address. The programme was as follows :—New Christ- mas carol, carol party, conducted by Mr E. W. Jones, J.1).: recitation, "Jesus loves me." Mary Lewis; recitation. "Battle of Blenheim." Howard Morgan; "Who shall sing, if not the children?" juvenile party; recitation, "The last salute," Dor- ris Davies; duet, "Wrap the flag around me, boys," Master Price and W. George; duet, "Only Just," Maud and Oswald Webb: recitation, "My mother," Peggie and Jeri Jones; trio, "We are colliers," Messrs. Meredith, Rees and Lewis (en- cored) recitation, "Faithful rabbit," David Powell; chorus, "Babe in the Manger," carol party; recitation, "Belgium," Ivor G. Jones, re- citation, "In the Trenches," Kinsey Morgan (Rhayader); chorus, "Babe of Bethlehem," juven- ile party; recitation, "Can God hear me?" Mary Powell; recitation. "The lost found," Lalla Evans: solo, "0 tender and sweet," Matilda Lewis: recitation, "The little cloud," Willie George; recitation, "A song of the road," Maud Bebb; trio. "Three brothers. Meredith, Rees and Lewis; recitation, "The day," Henry Rees: reci- tation, "British freedom," Bert Lewis; chorus, "Bing out the bells," carol party; recitation, "Our Boy," Oswald Bebb; recitation, "Somebody's darling," Clara Watkins; chorus, "Suffer the chil- dren." juvenile party; recitation, "Torpedoed," Maggie Powell; presentation of prizes by the chairman solo, "Deathless Army," E. Rees; re- citations, "Gam:- of life," and "Lesson of the mill" (encored), Madoc Fychan; chorus, "Closing hymn," carol party: Christmas tree awards, and "God save the King." First prizes (51) :Alaggie Lewis, Pyllau, "Dad's Dorothy": John Walter Powell" Victoria Cottage. "How we got our Bible; Willie George, Baileyhaulwen, "The boy who never lost a chance": Ivor Gordon Jones, Bryn, "From boy- hood to manhood": and Pryce George, Bailey- haulwen. "A key to unlock the Bible." Second prizes (50) :—Jeri-Jones, Garmon View, "The faithful promiser," and David Powell. Vic- toria Cottage, "Bible tales." Third prizes (49) :-Peggy Jones, Garmon View, "The torch of guidance to the mystery of redemption: Thomas Lewis. Pyllau. "Morning at the Mercy Seat": Maggie Rees, Pentulcae, "Mol- ly Brown"; Gwladys Lewis, Green, "Two girls in a siege"; and Howard Morgan, Pantydwr Sta- tion. "Tom, Dick and Harry." Fourth prize (47) :-Mary Lewis, Pyllau, "Christie Redfern's Troubles*" Consolation prizes :—Rachel Lewis, Mary E. Powell, Tilda Lewis, Ann Powell, Maggie Powell, May Powell. Maud Powell, M. J. Jones, Katie Powell, May Watkin, Maud Bebb, Sallie Ed- wards, Mary Dorris Davies. Mary Lewis, Walter Lewis, Arthur Kinsey, Ivor Watkin, Oswald Bebb, Cyril Bennett. David John George, John Powell, Evan Powell, Edwin Lewis, Teddie Jones, Gordon Powell, Gordon Lewis, Willie Lewis, J. L. Rees, Gerald Morgan, John E. Jones, Albert Davies, Verney Rees, Thomas Dav- ies, Lalla Evans and Clara Williams.





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