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What Might Have Been!


What Might Have Been! BRECON AS UNIVERSITY CENTRE. The Bishop of Llandaff, speaking at Christ (College speech day, said he was much obliged to the Headmaster for his encouraging words in re- assuring him he would not be summoned by the Bishop of St. David's for trespassing on the lat- ter's preserves. (Laughter.) He was further re- assured on finding that he had a large number of supporters there should anyone attempt to molest him, Tor he found that a considerable proportion of the prize-winners came from the Diocese of Llandaff. (More laughter.) Apart from that, he had a slight hereditary claim upon the. good will of Christ College. He did not suppose many of them knew it, but his father, who was afterwards Bishop of St. Asaph, was one of the first pioneers of the great movement for a University of Wales. At that time his father wrote a great deal to the Press under the name of "Veritas," and one of the elements of the scheme which he put forward was to make Brecon the centre of the great Welsh University, and that St. David's College, Lam- peter, should be moved to Brecon to be near Christ College, which should be the centre. (Laughter.) Had the scheme been adopted, it would have been most excellent, and the Univer- sity of Wales would not have been, as now, split up into three centres. It would have been at Brecon, and would have received the inspiration, which Christ College now enjoyed, of some of the most beautiful scenery in Wales and some of the grandest mountains in the Principality. He did not know what Brecon would have thought of it, but it would have been a very good thing for Wales. (Applause.)


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