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< Found in a Pond. I

Well-Known Councillor. I

I Women's Duty.

IBank Holiday Entertainment.…


ITry Magnesia for Your Stomach…


Try Magnesia for Your Stomach Trouble. IT NEUTRALISES ACIDITY & PREVENTS I FERMENTATION. Doubtless you have already tried pepsin, bis- muth, soda, charcoal, drugs, etc., and so you know that these things will not cure your trouble —in some cases they do Rot even give relief-but before giving up hope and.-decidmg that you are a chronic dyspeptic just try the effect of a little mag- nesia-not the ordinary carbonate, oxides or citrates, but pure BISURATED magnesia, which you can obtain locally from Messrs. Charles and Gwillim (late R- E. Charles), Medical Hall, Brecon, and Mr T. A. Coltman, of Builth Wells, or any other good chemist, in either powder or tab- let form. Take half-a-teaspoonful of the powder or two compressed tablets with a little water after your next meal, and see what a difference this makes. It will instantly neutralise the harmful acid which now causes your, food to ferment, giv- ing rise to wind, heartburn, flatulence and many other unpleasant symptoms, and you will find that, provided you take a little BISURATED mag- nesia immediately afterwards, you can eat almost anything and enjoy it without any danger of pain and discomfort to follow.

Former Brecon Master.I

What Might Have Been!


Builth Funeral.i

Noted Oil Engines. 1

! Acknowledgment.

[No title]

I- A Year of War.




Speech Day.

I Llanwrtyd Council.

Builth and the War. I

A Crickhowell Will. I

Bredwardine Council. I

Speech Day.