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< Found in a Pond. I

Well-Known Councillor. I

I Women's Duty.

IBank Holiday Entertainment.…


I Bank Holiday Entertainment. A I WAR LECTURER'S VISIT TO BUILTH MR. FRANK CARLTON. 1 An event of considerable interest is the forth- coming visit of Mr Frank Carlton-a lecturer and war correspondent of some repute—who will sub- mit a graphic series of actual war-films to the patrons of the Kino, Builth Wells, on Bank Holi- day (Monday) and Tuesday next, and give his most interesting lecture, entitled "The War— in picture and story Since returning from some of the scenes of European conflict, Mr Carlton has given his lec- ture in many of the principal towns in the King- dom with wonderfully successful results. Being full of thrilling and absorbing interest and con- taining nothing of the dry lecture element, the narration of facts and incidents is one which ap- peals to all. As a recruiting medium, the matter has receiv- ed the cordial approval of the War Office, which adds still more to its interest and importance. Mr Carlton has brought home with him not merely his impressions of what he saw, but,, also, many pictures, the result of his own watchful scrutiny of the incidents coming under his own observation. The difficulties he had to overcome, in order to secure the pictures, are graphically described—the risks he and his staff ran in secur- ing them being also pourtrayed. Very vivid are the pictures which reflect the sufferings of the Belgians, and the devastation that the Huns caused in many towns, their es- pecial object having been apparently to destroy or mutilate ecclesiastical buildings.


ITry Magnesia for Your Stomach…

Former Brecon Master.I

What Might Have Been!


Builth Funeral.i

Noted Oil Engines. 1

! Acknowledgment.

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I- A Year of War.




Speech Day.

I Llanwrtyd Council.

Builth and the War. I

A Crickhowell Will. I

Bredwardine Council. I

Speech Day.