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< Found in a Pond. I

Well-Known Councillor. I

I Women's Duty.

IBank Holiday Entertainment.…


ITry Magnesia for Your Stomach…

Former Brecon Master.I

What Might Have Been!


Builth Funeral.i

Noted Oil Engines. 1

! Acknowledgment.

[No title]

I- A Year of War.




Speech Day.

I Llanwrtyd Council.

Builth and the War. I

A Crickhowell Will. I


A Crickhowell Will. I COL. PARKINSON'S BEQUESTS. I Colonel James Robert Parkinson (of Glangrwyney Court, Crickhowell, lately commanding the Hamp- shire Regiment and the 37th Regimental District, J P. and D.L. for Brecknockshire), who died on the 6th May last, aged 56 years, left estate of the gross vo'ue of £ 40,247, of which X25,161 is net paa- sonalty. Testator left JE50 each to his sisters, Louisa Par- kinson, Marie Augusta Parkinson ani Emmeline Leach; £100 to his nephew and godson, Richard Leach. He left zC28 per annum to his servant, William Saunders, until he attains the age 70 years, and thereafter X13 per annum; X50 to W. Hughes, gardener at Glangrwyney Court, if in his service at his death X50 to his former bailiff, William Gough £1 for each year of service to each domestic servant of ten years service. He left C200 to William Blunt, his gun and fishing rods and re- quisites to Frank Bowker, now on service abroad; his furniture to his wife for life with the remainder to the person entitled to the Glangrwyney estates, and he left to her his consumable stores, absolutely.

Bredwardine Council. I

Speech Day.