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" Patriotism In Patches."

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Rival Clays.


Rival Clays. EVIDENCE IN CARDIFF ARBITRATION. Questions relating to the construction of the Llwynon reservoir again came before Mr Sandeman (arbitrator) at the Sur- veyors' Institute, London. Mr Louis P. Nott, of Bristol, contracted for the construction of the re- servoir, and claims about X35,000 from Cardiff Corporation for extras and alleged work in excess of the specifications agreed upon. Mr Nott was examined by Mr SzluillPif- Wit- ness said he was forced to use the Cyfarthfa clay, though he could have got better clay from Neath at less expense and trouble. Witness said he did not wish to charge Mr Priestley with bad faith, but he thought Mr Priestley had great bias in going to Cyfarthfa. Mr William Murray, agent for Mr Nott on the Llwynon Reservoir, gave similar evidence. He said that Cyfarthfa clay was certainly not good. Mr Priestly. Cardiff waterworks engineer, gave evidence Answering Corporation counsel (Mr Fitzgerald) he said that Cyfarthfa clay had been used in both the Cantref and Beacon Reservoirs, and had proved most satisfactory. In June, 1910, witness received samples of Neath clay, with the view to its use in the Llwynon scheme. Mr Fitzgerald Tests were made of the Neath clay, and it was found that it was not suitable?— That is so. Mr Cotterill, resident engineer at Cardiff, and Mr James Watson, civil engineer, gave evidence in support of the case for the Corporation. Mr Watson said he had examined a sample of the Neath clay and found that it was not as tough or as tenacious as the Cyfarthfa clay. The hearing was adjourned. Arbitration regarding the construction of Llwynon Reservoir, between the contractor, Mr L. P. Nott, and the Cardiff Corporation, was continued on Thursday. Mr Fitzgerald (for the Corporation) addressed the arbitrator on the question of the clay used. Mr Szlumper said he imputed no bad faith to Mr Priestley, who had acted as a perfect gentle- man throughout the business. The Court then proceeded to deal with a claim for e2,041 in respect of concrete, and Mr Szlum- per examined Mr Nott on the clause in the speci- fication. Mr Nott dealt at some length with the inter- pretation of the various clauses in the specifica- tion. and expressed the belief that most of the claims woul d have been settled long ago if Mr Priestley had had to deal with them. But Mr Priestley, he added, had to deal with his commit- tee. Mr Ferguson, a Glasgow contractor, gave evi- dence. He said he was one of those who had tendered for the construction of the reservoir. His tender was about R6,000 higher than that of Mr Nott. Mr Szlumper Do you see anything in the con- tract that would compel the contractor to remove the surface? Mr Fitzgerald (for the Corporation) objected, and the question was withdrawn. Mr Szlumper Have you formed any idea as to the fairness of the charge made by the con- tractor in that respect? Witness Yes, perfectly reasonable. The hearing was again adjourned.

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