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South Wales Borderers. !

Radnor Roads.


Radnor Roads. Employment at the Harvsst. TELEPHONE POSTS. Capt. Gibson Watt (who is on active service) has been re-appointed chairman of the Radnorshire Main Roads and Bridges Committee. Mr J. Hamer presided over the last meeting. The recommendation of the urgency commit- tee—that it was desirable that roadmen should be released for harvest work-was adopted. A letter, from the secretary to the executive committee of the Brecon and Radnor Farmers' Union, asked the highway authorities to instruct the surveyor to release for local employment, dur- ing the summer months, wherever possible, men usually employed on the roads. The executive also called their attention to dangerous telephone posts, and suggested that the danger would be obviated if such posts were removed back into the fence. The renewal of posts on some roads this summer would afford an excellent opportunity for bringing about the alteration of positions. The chairman said they had anticipated the first part of the letter, and he thought they would have noticcd that the telephone posts were placed in better positions in Radnorshire than in some other counties. The surveyor said he had had posts on the Rhayader-Llangurig road placed farther back, and others had been removed at his request. A letter, from the correspondent to the manag- ers at Llanfihangel-Rhydithon school, suggested that, if the road were tar-sprayed for a short dis- tance, it would do away with the dust-nuisance now experienced inside the school. The chairman observed that this was opening a big question, and no action was taken. The surveyor was authorised to have the por- tion of road from Builth railway station to Builth bridge, and the portion over Rhayader bridge, tar- sprayed, as these had been so treated previously. A communication from the Llanelwedd Parish Council called attention to a dangerous place on the main road near Llanelwedd, and they suggest- ed that the bend be widened and a danger-signal erected, as many accidents had occurred at this corner. Instructions were given to Mr Wbislade, who said he could attend to this matter. The surveyor, in his report, stated that he had had two interviews with Mr Lant, re his stone- breaking machines at Llanelwedd. He consider- ed that all machinery was well screened, and Mr Lant had promised not to work the machinery on fair days or important market days, and, as little as possible, on ordinary markets. A letter was read from Mr Lant, stating that he was anxious to meet the views of the council without in any way prejudicing his rights. He would endeavour to do no crushing on Builth fair days, or more than he could possibly help on large market days. The survevor said that Mr Lant told him that, if a man were about to tip a tram of stone and he saw horse traffice approaching, his instructions were to wait until the same had passed. He had urged upon Mr Lant the necessity to work the danger-signal provided to warn approaching traf- fic. Mr Whislade considered that a double stone culvert would be better than a 24-inch pipe cul- vert for improving the Greenway road at Norton, as suggested by the Knighton R.D.C. Mr Green-Price pointed out that this would im- prove the present junction with the main road, and he considered that rural councils should be encouraged in undertaking work of this kind. He proposed that they recoiiiniend the County Council to pay half the cost, which the surveyor estimated at from X22 to 425. Mr E. P. Lewis seconded, and this was carried. Mr Whislade reported. that he had inspected the corner at Heartsease, K^ nighton, and he thought Ald. C. C. Rogers agreed with him that the best thing to do to improve this "blind" corner was to remove the quick fence and replace it with iron fencing (65 yards) and widen the road a little. Mr Rogers undertook to pay the cost of painting. With reference to taking over Dolfan road, Rhayader, the surveyor said that some "siding" still required to be done, and he had not received the particulars asked for from the Rhayader R.D.C. surveyor. Mr B. P. Lewis understood that everything had been carried out by the Rhayader surveyor, but Mr Whislade replied that this was not so. Instructions were given Mr Whislade to meet the Rhayader surveyor and explain what was re- quired at an early date-) Ald. C. C. Rogers moved that they place on re- cord their appreciation of Mr T. L. Whiaiade's I yaluable services to the county, as on the follow- ing dav, Saturday, he would' complete 40 years service. They hoped his services would continue to the end of a very long life. Mr J. Hamer seconded, and said Mr Whislade had discharged his duties to the satisfaction of everyone in Radnorshire. Acknowledging the complirnent paid him, Mr Whislade said he very much appreciated the kind remarks of Mr Rogers and Mr Hamer. He had always been very anxious to perform his duties to the committee's satisfaction, and he had tried to do so. He thanked them for their appreciation of what he had done. Taxation Connnittee. I There was probably a record number of reports before the Local Taxation Committee, of which Mr W. M. Baylis was re-elected chairman. Most of them related to persons who had not taken out dog-licences or exemptions, while a few dealt with trap and gun licences. An interesting point transpired when the case of one defaulter was be- ing considered. It appeared that an employer, who did not possess a gun licence, sent out one of his men to scare crows. If lie 'had gone him- self there would have been nothing wrong, provid- ing that he only "shot at the crows and did not actually shoot them. In order to send an em- ployee to do this work, the employer should be I the possessor of a. licence. In the majority of } cases the persons reported stated that they had ) forgotten to take out the necessary licences or ex- I emptions, and for this lapse of memorv they were called upon to pay the nominal fine of 5/ ) Finance. I Mr James Hamer was re-appointed chairman of the Finance Committee. Mr T. G. Sprague, of Kington, who had held the office of county treas- urer for eighteen years, wrote asking to be re-. leased from the duties. He suggested that they should employ the bank as treasurer in future. He thanked the members for the kindness and courtesy which he had always received from them. On the motion of Mr E. p Lewis, seconded by Mr S. B. Meredith, it was resolved that Mr Sprague's suggestion be adopted, the clerk stat- ing that the Bank acted as treasurer to the Rad- norshire Insurance Committee and to the Brecon- shire C.C.

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