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"RIVERS OF BRECON AND RADNOR." Commended Essays. I 13th, Miss Lilian Smith, Beulah, aged 11.— "The chief river of Brecon and Radnor is the Wye, which divides the two counties. It starts on the slopes of Plynlimmon, and flows down between these counties. It empties its waters into the river Severn. The Wye is noted for its fine salmon and trout fishing. Owing to the rocky nature of the country it is not navigable in the higher reaches of its course. Its chief tributaries are the Ithon on the Radnorshire side, and the Irfon in Breconshire. Another noted river is the Usk, which has its source in the Black Mountains, and flows through Brecon and on into the Bris- tol Channel, near Newport, Monmouthshire. The river Towy divides Breconshire from Cardigan- shire. There are several rivers rising in Brecon- shire. These include the Neath and the Tawe, which empty into Swansea Bay. The Taff also rises here. The scenery, through which these riv- ers wend their way (especially the Wye), is very grand. The Cambrian railway runs through the I Wye Valley, and travellers on this line are thus able to see the river studded with great boulders II which cut the water into foam." 14th, Miss Lucy A. Lewis, 17, Railway Ter- race, Builth Road, aged 13.—"I am writing all I know about the rivers of Brecon and Radnor. First, we have two beautiful rivers, namely the Wye and the Ithon, which flow through Brecon- shire and Radnorshire, They are the rivers best known in the counties. Another of our beautiful rivers is the Lug, which flows through Radnor- shire. Some distance away is a pretty cascade, rushing and dashing from rock to rock with a deafeniqg roar. These rivers are visited yearly for the sport of fishing. There are salmon, dace, trout, chub, and various other kinds of fish caught in them. The scenery of these rivers is very beautiful at all seasons of the year, and well rewards tile traveller, who visits them. The best months to do so are September and October, as, at this time, the foliage displays the most gorgeous colours, and the weather is generally fine and calm. The healthfulness of the river is partly as- cribed to its constant motion. In some places the rivers are so clear that the fish, which live in them, may be distinctly seen. These fine sheets of water, pleasant villages, and sparkling falls give this part of Wales a most pleasing aspect." 15th, Miss Lizzie Stephens, Ffynuon-gynydd School, Glasbury-on-Wye, aged 13.—"The Wye is the largest river in the two counties of Brecon and Radnor. It only flows for ten miles in Rad- norshire, and for 34 miles it divides Radnor from Brecon. It is famous for fish, including salmon, pike, gudgeon, roach, grayling, bullhead, crayfish, eels and chub. It has a lot of tributaries, and some of them are the Marteg (the handsome river), Ithon (on which stands Llandrindod Wells), the Edw (which flows through. Aberedw), Baehwy, Claerwy, Lug and Teme. 0 The Teine rises in the Kerry Hills. Knighton stands on the Teme, and Presteign on the Lug, the latter being the county town of Radnor. The battle of Pilleth was fought on the banks of the Lug in 1402. Near Rhayader there is a steep waterfall in the river which is too steep for salmon to get up. There is now a sal- mon ladder for the fish to leap over. The chief river in Brecon is the Usk. It is very famous for fish, and is noted for its beautiful scenery. The capital of Breconshire is Brecon, standing on the river Usk. The Llynfi is a small river near Glas- burv." I July Competition. Fullest and most accurate list of railway-sta- I tions in Brecon and Radnor, and their respective heights above sea-level. Open to elementary school-children in Brecon and Radnor.

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