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Across the Begwyns. I

IRadnorshire Police.-1


I Radnorshire Police. -1 I Decrease of Crime and Vagrancy I Present at the meeting of the Radnorshire Standing Joint Committee, held at Llandrindod Wells, were Ald. C. C. Rogers (chairman), M1 Jas. Hamer, Ald. R. Morgan, Mr C. Corrie-Car. ter, Mr W. Green-Price, Dr. R. Harding, Mr W. Roberts, Mr J. Hurst, Mr Thos. Davies, Mr T. Thomas-Moore, Mr H. W. Duff-Gordon, Mr W. M. Bay lis, Mr H. Vaughan Vaughan (clerk), Mr H. W. Moseley (deputy-clerk), Mr R. Jones (deputy-chief constable) and Mr A. Millward (de- puty surveyor). The New Act. I A letter from from the Home Office certified that the cells at Llandrindod Wells might be utilised as places of detention under the Criminal Justice Administration Act, 1914, but, where there were less than three cells, they could not be so certified. Replying to questions, the deputy-chief con- stable said that the Government inspector could not sanction the use of other cells in the county for this purpose because they were less than three in number. Persons detained under the Act could be sent from Knighton or elsewhere to Llandrindod Wells. Mr Green-Price thought that, if they only had one or two prisoners and two cells, it would be quite sufficient. He proposed that the clerk write the Home Office to this effect, and point out the fact that they seldom had any prisoners in the county. Mr J. Hamer seconded, and this was agreed to. I Chief Constable's Report. The chief constable, in his report, gave the following figures for the 13 weeks ended 22nd June :—Crimes committee 10 (one undetected), against 12 in the corresponding quarter; persons apprehended 7, against 8; and persons summon- ed, 66, against 104. On 21st April I temporarily appointed an ex-police officer (not of military age) to fill the vacancy caus- ed by P.c. Richards having joined the Army. One constable had since re- signed, and, under the present circumstances, I have not thought it necessary toi replace him. In November last, agreements were entered into for the installation of the telephone at Clyro, Pres- teign and New Radnor police stations. The two former stations 'have been connected, but, with regard to New Radnor, the district manager is now asking for an amended agreement to be signed in which the yearly rental is increased from R5 to -67 7s 6d, and I shall be glad to re- ceive your instructions. The number of vagrants relieved through the police during the months of April, May, and June were 323 men, 22 women, and 11 children—total, 356-being a decrease of 443 on the corresponding period of last year. Dr. Harding and the P.O. j Dr. Harding pointed out that New Radnor police station had appeared on the official tele- phone directory for six months, and that the in- stallation was complete all but for a few minutes' work. The committee had agreed to pay the same rental as a private subscriber, and now they were asked to pay another £ 2 7s 6d, after the P.O. had lost a half-year's rent ( £ 2 5s). How were they to deal with a large Government De- partment which showed such a lack of business methods? He proposed the committee ask them to carry out their contract, and that a small sub- committee be appointed to deal with it and brinp. the matter to a head. Mr W. Roberts seconded, and the following I were put on the sub-committee, viz., Dr. Hard- ing, Mr Duff-Gordon and Mr J. A. Beebee. Repairs to Buildings. I The county surveyor, in his report, stated that, in view of the summer assizes, it became advis- able to have the kitchen servants' hall, larder, passages, etc., of the Shire Hall, Presteign, white-washed and, also, the "front steps and the spouting required attention. This work, being urgent, had been carried out. With regard to the prevention of the damp penetrating through Llandrindod Wells police station, this work had been executed, and the account of Messrs. Hop- ton and Griffiths to hand, and he recommended payment of X18 17s 2d. Mr Green-Price said that there always ap- peared to be a lot of things required at the Shire i Hall, Presteign, before an assizes, and he thought they ought to be furnished annually with particulars. Mr Corrie Carter Would the list include what was in the cellar? (Laughter.) The Clerk No, I am in charge of the cellar (being chief cellar-man) and, also, of your liberal contribution, which has not yet been spent. It is in the Bank.

War and Politics. I

Breconshire Delegates


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Rhayader Guardians.I

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I Waste at Camps.I

Brecknocks at Aden. I

I Comforts -for Welsh -Troops.


IDecrease In Vagrancy.