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Across the Begwyns. I


Across the Begwyns. I Work of Registration. PAINSCASTLE COUNCILLORS TO HELP I BELGIANS. j Mr J. Davies (chairman) presided at a meeting I of Paincastle Rural Council on Thursday after- noon. There were present Revs. Herbert G. Griffith and D. Morgan, and Messrs. -an Mere- dith, J. Gittoes, Jas. Davies, D. Price, R. T. Griffiths (clerk) and W. Sheldon (inspector and surveyor). A circular letter was received from the Local Government Board with reference to the National Registration Act, which was considered at some length. Each parish was regarded a district, but Clyro parish was divided into two districts, owing to its size. Names were submitted of persons who were eligible to act as enumerators in the various dis- tricts, and the clerk was authorised to ask them if they would do the work. The clerk was also given authority to call a further meeting, if necessary, on the matter. The letter from Mr F. L. Green (coroner), with regard to the jury's rider at the inquest on the late Mr Charles Ammonds, requesting the council to erect a fence at the dangerous spot where he was drowned, deferred from the prev- ious meeting, came up for further consideration. The surveyor informed the councillors that a long fence would have to be erected at the spot referred to, for, the path ran by the side of the river for a distance of half-a-mile. Where the accident occurred, the path was 20 to 30 yards away from the river. In other places, which were equally as dangerous as the one mentioned, the path was much nearer the river. The chairman did not think the council could do the work. Rev. D. Morgan moved that they do nothing in the matter, and this course was adopted. The inspector stated he had issued an order to the owner of Whitehall, Painscastle, requesting him to place the house in a proper state of re- pair. Since, the property had been sold, but the repairs had not been executed. The inspector was instructed to give the new owner the neces- sary order to have the repairs effected. The surveyor said, with reference to the fenc- ing off of the highway across the Begwyns, he had been told that some of the labour and haul- ing would be done by farmers there. Mr E. Meredith remarked that the work was very necessary. The surveyor did not think the work would cost more than X12. He promised to ascertain how many would assist in the work of hauling, &c. The surveyor remarked that Mr John Price, the roadman for Llandewyfach, had handed in a month's notice, and which had now expired. The ratepayers, in that parish, wished him to re-em- ploy Price, but he would only return to work on the condition that his wages were increased. The chairman pointed out that, if one man's wages were increased, they would have to treat the other roadmen likewise. He enquired what wages the man received, and the surveyor re- plied 17/- a week. Proceeding, the surveyor said he had had an application for the job. He told the man that, if Price did not go back to work, he would be pleased to employ him. The appli- cant was a young, respectable man. The council agreed that they could not increase Price's wages, and the surveyor promised to settle the matter. The chairman submitted a letter from the Bel- gian relief fund, appealing for help. He remark- ed that a house-to-house collection would be made by the councillors in their respective parishes. ■ I

IRadnorshire Police.-1

War and Politics. I

Breconshire Delegates


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Rhayader Guardians.I

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Brecknocks at Aden. I

I Comforts -for Welsh -Troops.


IDecrease In Vagrancy.