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Across the Begwyns. I

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War and Politics. I

Breconshire Delegates


I Teachers and Summer Schools.…


I Teachers and Summer Schools. RADNORSHIRE LADY'S COMMENT. Mrs C. C. Rogers presided over the Higher Education Sub-committee, at which it was decid- ed not to grant the scholarships to enable teach- era to attend summer schools this year- Mr D. Jones pointed out that the applicants were all lady-teachers, as the teachers in the county had decided among themselves that men should not apply. They thought that their ser- vices might be more usefully employed in doing something for their country during the holidays. The Board of Education had made a strong point of bringing physical exercises to the front at these summer schools, and stated that a number of grants would be made to teachers going in for this training. One of his assistants applied, but the application was not granted. As far as he knew, not one teacher in the county had received this grant, and only 250 applications in the whole of the United Kingdom had been accepted. Mrs Rogers said that, at the present time, they did not want to spend money instructing teachers paper-culling and kindergarten things. Last year they sent a school-mistress, and they never heard that she passed any examination. She might have been playing with the babies on the sand all day for what they knew. Before paying these grants, Mrs Rogers thought the work done by the teachers at the summer schools should be made known to the committee. Mr D. Jones said they received a report be- fore the second part of the grant was paid. With regard to the training in physical exer- cises, Mr Rogers said they could see from the M.O.H.'s report that the physical state of Rad- norshire children was below those of other coun- ties in England. Mrs Venables Llewelyn remarked that teach- ers could not be doing physical exercises all day at the summer schools, as they would have to take other subjects as well.

Rhayader Guardians.I

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I Waste at Camps.I

Brecknocks at Aden. I

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IDecrease In Vagrancy.