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LLANDRINDOD WELLS. I PERSONAL.—Mr J. 0. Bufton has been elected I a Fellow of the Auctioneers and Estate Agents Institute of the United Kingdom. OFFICERS' FAREWELL.—On Friday and Saturday several officers of th R.A.M.C. left the town, and more are expected to follow this week. FOR THE FR O-NT. -Me's srs. Tom and Frank Ed- wards, sons of Mr and Mrs S. L. Edwards, of Temple Bazaar, have left this country for active service. THE KINO.—This week's attractions at the Kino are likely to be of the most interesting character, the pictures announced being full of stirring scenes and incidents. WRELSH SERVICES.—Two signs of the approach of the height of the season are chronicled this week, viz., the re-starting of the visitors' daily prayer meeting, and the re-starting of Welsh preaching services. U.D.C. ASSOCIATION.—Mr Tom Norton, chair- man of the Urban District Council, and Mr D. C. Davies, clerk, attended the annual meetings of the Urban District Councils' Association, held in Lon- don last week. LECTURE.—The special preacher at the Wes- leyan Church, on Sunday, was the Rev. D. Gwyn- fryn Jones, and, on the following evening, he delivered his lecture on "Some spiritual aspects of the war." FOR THE DARDANELLES.—With the departure of the 1st Herefords for the Dardanelles, several more local men will pass to positions of danger and honour. Mr J. Arthur Jones, the popular headmaster of Llanbadarn-fawr school, is am- ongst the number. AWKWARD.—From bakehouse and front shop,. Mr H. Q. Coates, High street, has lost valuable tradesmen to the Army. Whilst glad to see the loyal response, Mr Coates and other tradesmen are placed in awkward situations by the loss of first- class men. PERSONAL.—Rev. Gwilym Davies, M.A., whose address on religion and life in Wales recently crea- ted considerable interest throughout Wales, has consented to speak at the Friends' Meeting House on a similar subject on the second Sunday in August. An opportunity will be given for discussion. EXAMINATIONS.—The scholarship examinations for the Llandrindod Wells school district took place at the Intermediate school on Saturday, when a fair number of pupils sat for the test papers.—At the Intermediate school,. the pupils are busily engaged in the C.W.B. examinations (senior and junior certificates). HOUSES WANTED. Messrs. Bufton and Son (auctioneers and valuers) state they have let more furnished houses this season than in any previous year since the establishment of the firm in 1885, and that, at presentf there is not an empty house in the whole of the district. The firm have had many applications for unfurnished houses, but are unable to satisfy them. FOOTBALL.—The financial result of the football match between the winning companies of the R.A.M.C. has proved to be satisfactory; and by the kindness of Col. Delap, the Commanding Officer, a sum of D 13s lid has been handed over to the treasurer of the Llandrindod Wells Nurs- ing Fund.—As a result of the match for the medals, the Llandrindod Wells Club is out of debt, and has now a credit balance. GRAND PAVILION.—This week, the management of the Grand Pavilion announce the appearance of another great star artiste, viz., Miss Ruby Lee, I who will be supported by a talented party ir ?t?l", great plays, "As man sows" and Marie Corelli's masterpiece, "The sorrows of Satan." Miss Lee i will take reading roles in both plays, and music will be provided by the Irish Ladies Orchestra. Despite the greatness of the attraction, the prices remain at popular prices. ALARMISTS NOT JUSTIFIED.—Some alarmists' re- ports have obtained currency in reference to the local fire brigade. The matter was en- quired into immediately after the last council meeting, and it was found that there is a con- siderable staff of men available, and that the fears expressed by Councillor Coombs have little foundation. Some members of the brigade have joined the colours, but the fact is that a few coun- cillors found there were more men available than was anticipated. PERSONAL.—Mr Bert Griffiths, B.Sc., son of Mr John Griffiths, Maescelyn, Temple Terrace, has I joined the Royal Engineers, and has been attach- ed to the chemical department. He has been des- patched to France in the rank of a corporal, after having only joined about a week. In order to I join, Mr Griffiths resigned a lucrative post on the staff of the Intermediate School, Llandovery, and he has, as colleagues, gentlemen who have given up posts worth anything from £ 50 to £ 1,000 per I annum. ADVERTISING COMMITTEE.—A meeting of the sub-committee of the Advertising Committee was I held at the Town Hall on Monday evening, when Mr J. O. Bufton presided. Gratifying reports were received of the success of the advertising scheme so far as it had gone, and arrangements were made for the continuance of some of the ad- vertisements which it was thought had been most I advantageous. Attention was called to the ac- commodation list, and it was intimated that copies of this can be obtained at the Town Hall by any subscriber. It appeared that the fund had I amounted to about X300. SAND BAGS.—The Ladies' Sub-Committee of the Llandrindod Wells War Relief Committee having learned of Mrs Lloyd George's appeal at Green- way Manor for sand bags, has been organising with a view to sending 1,000 salad bags for the use of the soldiers at the front, and it is expected that the committee will soon achieve its object. The sand bags, when ready, will be sent through the Welsh Troops Fund Committee, of which Mrs Lloyd George is the chairman. Anyone desiring to help this movement by way of contribution, or desiring any further information should apply to Mrs G. W. Moseley, County Buildings, Llan- drindod Wells. Mr Thomas's choir and the Irish Ladies Orchestra are co-operating in a town concert on behalf of this fund, and the event will take place at the Grand Pavilion. FRENCH FLAG DAY.—The efforts of the Red Cross Nurses to make the local effort on behalf of the French Flag Day a success were crowned with achievement, the total collection amounting to the magnificent sum of X73 8s 8Jd. The Ward results were as follow :—North Ward, X4 Is 91d; South Ward, zC33 17s lOd; East Ward, X14 19s lid; West Ward, Rl4 14s 4d; Llanbadarn-fawr sent X2 17s 9Jd; Llanyre, lis Id; Howey, 9s lid; and Newbridge-on-Wye, XI 17s 7Jd. Mrs Sing- ers-Davies Mrs Moseley, Miss Chune, and Miss Mayne organised the four wards, and much credit is due to them and the Red Cross ladies. The ex- penses only amounted to 10s for 1,000 flags, the remainder of the flags being given by Miss Ven- ables, Capt. Murray, and the Knighton Red Cross members. The net result was zC72 18s 8id, a cheque for which amount has been forwarded to Capt. the Hon. William Walsh, Llwynbarried, Rhayader.








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