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Read what Mr. Asquith says about Economy: There remains only one course-to diminish our expenditure and increase our savings. 44 Waste on the part either-of in- dividuals or classes is in these Itimes nothing"Ishort of a national danger." 44 Every ^saving we make by the cur- tailment and limitation of expenditure in- creases the resources po be put by our people at the disposal of the state for:the triumphant vindication of our cause." In other words— ECONOMY MEANS I VICTORY. Start saving to-day by buying at— DAVID JONES & Co's SUMMER SALE! NOW FOR BRECONSHIRE'S BIGGEST BARGAINS I OiVVIO JONES & IfII" SUMMER SALE STARTS FRIDAY NEXT, JULY 23RD. » A sweeping clearance of D. Jones & Co's entire Stocks, comprising the newest and best goods in all Departments. In many cases at less than makers' cost. Several of these Bargains can never again be bought, even at the old regular prices, owing to advancing costs of labour and materials. Buy now! A purchase will more than repay you. The following are a few only out of many unique Bargains. M ■m, — About -35 SMART HATS (models) many Our ?'? Stock ? ?? ? YOUTHS, and "?? 3,600 yards (or over two miles) White, Cream on]y de]ivered in June. Usually 6/11> BOYS'SUITS purchased last year at old pr i ces. ??y and Striped Flannelette. To clear ed, and 5/114/11 3/H. One Price to clear? Boys'Suirs pUTchased last year at old prices,  ? 6!d. per yard. 1/11. Now oRered at Special Sale Prices.  S  READY-TO-WEAR COSTUMES. < fefrfl MEN'S AQUATITE RAINCOATS. ^PHpI This Season's Goods in Black, Navy, Grey, ===== 11 j HHlt t| ===== pi Brown and Khaki. Good Colourings and Styles. Two qualities only. Usually. To Cle3r. [J8iJ1f@"-1:. 19/11 to 21/6 17/11 Usual Price, 42/6. To Clear, 35/- m7<&WD,: 2 I  29/6 24/6 351 27/6 ;)j: :;}: IJ  27 !6  each Men's Natural Vests and Pants, ??W 301bs. only best Khaki Wool for Socks and ?'— W? 50 each Men's Natural Vests and Pants, ?M ?  MuRlers, usually 4/3 per lb.; our price to Hleproof Trousers guaranteed for six medium weight. To-day's usual price, 3/6. ?m?  -c" clear, 2/6 per lb. months. Usually 4/11 to clear 4/6. Our Clearing Price, 2/6. ???" 1  clear, 2/6 per lb. Post paId anywhere. Our Clearing Price, 2/6. THE SALE THAT SAVES YOU a 0 TlAUT LuDASDKTlHll. MORE THAN YOU SPEND. I » RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF BRECKNOCK. STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURE FOR THE HALF-YEAR ENDED 31ST MARCH. 1915. I 1914 October 1st. s. d. Balance from the previous half-year 1420 7 8 Oct. 1st, 1914, to March 31st, 1915- Contributions from Overseers 1902 10 0 Grant under Agricultural Rates Act, 1896 511 15 0 From Breconshire County Council in respect of Salary of Inspector of Nuisances and Medical Officers of Health 120 0 0 From Water Rates for Domestic purposes 99 1 5 X s. d. For Special Expenses, viz.: Pariah of Maescar 75 0 0 „ Llanfillo 10 0 0 „ Llandefaelogfach 10 0 0 Llanhamlach 6 15 0 ————— 101 15 0 Rent of Garden at Penkelly 0 10 0 Subscription towards New Road, Pant- glas to Cwmcynwal 5 0 0 Subscription towards Abercyrnog I Bridge 500 Amount overpaid by Cray Parish Council. 600 £ 4170 19 1 I d. i s. d. October 1st, 1914, to March 31st, 1915. By Maintenance and Repair of District Roads 2356 4 6 Improvement of District Roads 67 18 6 Waterworks 33 10 7 Sewelage Works 56 18 6 „ Fees for Lists of Births and Deaths 4 3 0 „ Gost of Disinfectants 4 7 2 Repayment of Loans— Principal. 69 4 4 Interest 61 5 9 ————— 130 10 1 J Establishment Charges.. 28 13 8 1 Audit Stamp 5 0 0 Salaries 292 10 0 National Health Insur- ance Contributions 20 9 0 Notification of Infectious Diseases. 2 0 0 3002 6 0 Balances at the end of the half-year— In hands of Treasurer 1166 19 10 „ Surveyors— W. Williams 2 5 0 W Joseph 1 17 2 1170 2 0 Low balance in favour of the Clerk 1 7 11 ————— 1168 14 1 JE4170 19 1 Audited and found correct, E. J. HILL, R. G. WOODYATT, District Auditor. Deputy Clerk to the Council. 15th July, 1915. b757 THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE DECLARATION OF WAR. Under the auspices of the Central Committee of National Patriotic Organisations, and in aeoordance I with the wish expressed by the Prime Minister, PATRIOTIC MEETINGS will be held on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4th, 1915. THROUGHOUT RADNORSHIRE. Including Presteign, Llandrindod Wells, Knighton, Rhayader. Nantmel, Newbridge-on-Wye, Llanel- wedd, Penybont, Bleddfa, Llanbister, Llaithdu, Llanbadaar-ffyndd, Cascob, Llangunllo, New Radnor, Hundred House, &c. L-=r in other Districts of the County are also being arranged, and the co-operation of all interested is mVlted. Hon. Sec., Mr J. Luther Greenway, Greenway Manor, Penybont Station. br750 Alfred Quarrell, Florist, Fruiterer and Seedsman, 3 and 4 HICH STREET, BRECON ———— All kinds of ———— Garden Requisites, Manures, &c. kept in stock. Fresh Cut Flowers, Wreaths, Crosses, &o. at the shortest notice. Telephone, 74. —:o:— b67 KALYDE an cure for- GAPES I in PHEASANTS and POULTRY. ————— 2/4 per Tin post free. Sample Tin sent for 1/3. Numerous testimonials. Full descriptive Price List of all our Poultry and Game Foods post free from the makers: George Smith Norwich, Ltd., (Successors to Jas. Cbamberlin & Smith), GAME & POULTRY FOOD FACTORY, NORWICH. bsss Bargain rousers, m TO COME HERE at any time is to get trouser perfection, to come here NOW is to get perfect trousers at Bargain prices, We are offering a splendid stock of cloth and tweed trousers, made from odd lengths of cloths, and very suitable for matching up and for hard wear. Per pair, 6/11 and 8/9. Genuine Bargains, but limited in number. COME SOON! .Uds-Brem'   ttibtae-pwjjr-jr. aN. mm Othpe posite 1 HQ^BRECOIjX I Monumen ??'  ?**?—??? L_ =-\ (Maximum Quality I GOOD CATCH CROP RAPE AND MUSTARD SEEDS AT LOWEST PRICES. PURE STANDARD FLOUR. i A CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE. We were milling in 1815, and are still at it 1915. v Prices, 45/- Sack 23/- half Sack. Carriage paid nearest Railway Station. A. Handley & Son, Builth Wells & Rhayader. I HOTEL GWALIA, Upper Woburn Place, London, W.C. 130 Rooms luxuriously furnished, Fireproof Building, Electric Light to all Floors, Centrally situated, close to Boston Station, Is. 6d. cab fare from Paddington to the Hotel. Tariff: Bed, Breakfast, Bath, and Attend- ance. 5s. each person. Telegraphic Address: "Gwallatel," London. Telephone: 5010 & 5011, City. JOHN M. JENKINS, Manager. FARM BUILDINGS. D EALS, PLANKS, RAFTERS, JOISTS, — MATCH-BOARDING FLOORING and LATHS CUT TO ANY SIZE AND LENGTH AT THE Watton New Saw Mills BRICKS, SLATES, PIPES, and all BUILDING REQUIREMENTS IN STOCK. Apply:- Breconshire Coal & Lime Co. LTD., Timber Yard, Watton, Brecon, BEE APPLIANCES. BUY DIRECT FROM US-WE ARE MAKERS City Stores, Stanhope Street, & Hive Works, Hereford Meadham & Sons, Certificated Experts, B.B.K.A CAWogue post fm. 1647p Hampton Grammar School, GLASBURY-ON-WYE. f Principal: Rev. D. C. Lloyd. Classics, Mathematics, Civil Service, Short- hand, Typewriting, Commercial Tuition, Music. Pupils highly successful at London, Oxford Cambridge, and Wales Universities. Also in all public exams. For prospectus apply— Rev. D. C. LLOYD, Glasbury-on-W ye BROOKFIELD SCHOOL, HAY. Boarding & Day School for Girls. Preparatory tor Boys. PRINCIPAL Miss TERRBTT. Resident trained Kindergarten Mistress. Pupils prepared for Oxford Local Examinations, Associated Board of R.A.M. and R. O. M. and others. bl62 LOANS. £ 10 TO £ 100 Lr'5° of band t.drr: *2 mers, Business-men, and others, worthy of credit, with or without sureties or securities. (Business completed immediately without any delay). Re. payments arranged to suit applicants convenience. Y,100 TO Llooo ADVANCED TO enable persona to buy the houses they occupy or other property. Loans also made upon property already in possess- ion of applicants, existing mortgages paid off and more money advanced if required. Interest from 41 to 5 per cent. per annum, on all mortgages.- Apply, J. L. CUNNINGHAM, 19, Glebeland Street, br476 Tel. 70. Merthyr Tydfil. LONDON <* PROVINCES DISCOUNT Co., Ltd. Immediate Cash Advances. £10 to £1,000 are privately completed at 24 hours' notice on your simple promise to pay without preliminary your si Call e or p write to the Manager, W. SBmLBY. Stokes Croft, Bristol, or to 101, East Street, itiereford. 1796p CASH ADVANCED PRIVATELY From £10 to £ 5*000. To Tradesmen, Professional Gentlemen, Farmers and Respectable Householders, without Security or Sureties. A written promise to repay is all we require. No fees, or fines. Strictest privacy guaranteed. Repayments to suit the convenience of borrowers. Terms mutually agreed upon before business com- pleted. Distance no object. Loans from 5 per cent. can be arranged for persons entitled to money, investments, or pro- perty under wills or settlements. Such advances may remain unpaid for any number of years. CHARLES STEYENS LTD., Hayes Buildings, Cardiff, Telephone No. 467. 1679p R MONEY To LEND. Cash Advanced from f 1 upwards to Respectabl Householders. Easy Repayments. Apply— DISTRICT LOAN COMPANY ST. MARY CHAMBERS. CHURCH STREET, SWANSEA. 621 ALL CLASSES of printing can be done at the "Express" Office. No job too big, no job: too small. The only. Linotype Machine in the county, for setting programmes, catalogues, etc. Ask us to quote when you want anything cheap.

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