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CHILDREN'S CORNER—continued. I into the British Channel. This river divides Bre- conshire from Radnorshire, and thus forms two counties. The river Wye is shaded with some of Nature's finest trees. The river Irfon rises in the wildest part of the county-in Abergwesyn moun- tain to the north west, bordering Cardiganshire. The Towy also rises in that neighbourhood. The Usk is a beautiful river. It rises in the Fan mountain on the borders of Carmarthenshire, and flows at last into the Bristol Channel. Radnorshire. I The chief rivers of this county are the Ithon, Elan, Edw, Bachowy and the Arrow. The Ithon rises near Penithon, and joins the Wye below Newbridge. This is the longest river in the county. The upper course of the Elan is also in the county, and Birmingham Water-Works are very beautiful. The Edw rises in the moor- lands of Glascombe, and joins the Wye at Aber- edw. The Bachowy rises beyond Painscastle, and joins the Wye opposite Tyricket. The upper waters of the Teme are also in the county. The Arrow, too, rises on the eastern side of the county and soon gets into Herefordshire. I should like to say more about these beautiful rivers, but I see in the 'Express' that words willpaot permit me to do so." 12th, Miss Bessie Powel Prytherch, Upper Chapel, aged 13.—"Breconshire and Radnorshire are well-watered counties and rich in the posses- sion of beautiful rivers-the delight of anglers, artists and tourists. The chief of the Brecon- shire rivers are the Usk, Wye and the Irfon, to- gether with the following, which flow into the Bristol Channel :—Tawe, Mellte, Nedd-Fechan, Taff-Fawr, and Taff-Fechan. The river Wye flows through both Radnorshire and Breconshire. Its tributaries are the Elan, Irfon, Edw, Chwefri and Ithon, which are some of the Radnorshire rivers. Others are the Lugg and Teme. The Lugg enters the Wye an d the Teme, the Severn in Herefordshire. The Wye is the most beauti- ful of all the rivers and belongs to the two coun- ties. In parts it forms the boundary between them. The salmon-fisher finds, in the Wye, a river second to none in the kingdom for his favourite sport. The Irfon is the saddest of the county rivers, because, on its banks, Prince Llewelyn, the last Prince of Wales, fell. and, in his fall. lost his country's independence." July Competition. Fullest and most accurate list of railway-sta- tions in Brecon and Radnor, and their respective heights above sea-level. Open to elementary school-children in Brecon and Radnor. Include name, address and age in your contribu- tion. Marks will be given as follow :—Fullest list of stations, 120; most accurate altitudes, 120; spell- ing, 80; and hand-writing, 80. Prizes.—1st, 2/6 (given by Dr. Rhys Davies, Builth Wells); 2nd, 1/6; 3rd, 1/ The lists must be the bona-fide work of com- petitors themselves. The last day for receiving lists will be Satur- day, July 31st, and these should be properly stamped and addressed to Uncle Tom, care of "Brecon and Radnor Express," Brecon.