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i BY UÑCLE TOM." t Brecon, July 20th, 1915. My dear nephews and nieces,—How quickly the week comes round It seems but the day before yesterday since I wrote my last letter to you all. Well, I promised to comment on the efforts of the 4th, 5th and 6th competitors in the June com- petition. Number four-Miss Mary Powell, Bed- whir farm, Gwenddwr-did exceedingly well for a child of twelve. Her essay was brmiful of in- telligence, choicely expressed and of high tone. The phrase, pure, beautiful sparkling Nature," was overdone, but I very much apprecia- ted her historic allusions to the two Roman roads and the fact that all Welsh people loved and re- vered the Edw as it reminded them of Prince Llewelyn, who made his last stand for right and liberty in that district. History always brightens geography, and Mary was highly successful in this direction. Her English was natural and the composition contained some really excellent and well-written sentences. Spelling was faultless, and the handwriting, careful and of a bold, legible style. Some of the letter formations indi- cated lack of control over the pen, and, perhaps, a little nervousness. Master Reggie Gardner, of Ffynon-gyndd school, Glasbury-on- Wye, aged 13 (number five), wrote a page of well-arranged facts, and crowded a great deal of intelligence into re- markably few words. His essay was concise ana he dealt with his points without unnecessary words and in good order. Reggie's English was very good, and he, too, was very careful not to lose marks through bad spelling. Writing is not a strong point with Reggie, and I would recom- mend him to practise a neater "hand." I now come to Master Ralph Jones (Beulah)—number six. Ralph is a familiar name in these competi- tions, and he must be congratulated on his suc- cess month by month. He was the first nephew to win a first prize in this column, and he has Hot been far from the top ever since. Ralph does tlot believe in resting on his- "oars" but finds Pleasure in improving himself—month by month- through these competitions, realising in a gamely and unselfish spirit that he cannot be "top" every time. Ralph's essay was one of the best for in- telligence, but he lost marks on writing, and a oouple of spelling carelessnesses such as "posess" for possess, "Radnoshire" for Radnorshire and "Camarthenshire" for Carmarthenshire. His English, as usual, was excellent and merited a tigh mark—76 out of 80. I hope you are all look- ?g up the railway stations of Brecon and Rad- ?, and their respective altitudes-the subject of ?ia month's competition. Orderly written lists and correct altitudes will go a long way towards Access. With best wishes, Your affectionate UNCLE TOM. P.S.-More comments on June competition next eek.



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